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*~*CRISELDA*~* - July 5

4 Days ago my boobs started hurting like BAD, and every little touch they hurt... then the next day me and my boyfriend both started vomiting at the same time, we both sleep ALOT and we get tired often... he craves food all the time... yesterday when I went to the beach, once I stepped into the sun I felt like fainting... I get thirsty and the only thing that can satisfy me is water. I get pains in my stomach and my sides!! And the sun gives me headaches. I cry for little things and I get mad for anything... and I'm really starting to get very fustrated being around my boyfriend when before all I wanted to do was cuddle... I need HELP.... PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!


Lena - July 6

Your "symptoms" don't seem like pregnancy symptoms at all, especially since your boyfriend has them too. You symptoms are pretty classical of dehydration.


Tina1978 - July 6

Are you pregnant??? Is it possible that your body is going through changes!!



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