What do you do if your husband isn't trying?
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Liz - June 6

I totally understand....Men can be really frustrating at times....I believe we can cope with not becoming PG each month knowing that we've done all we could...but when it's not mother nature but instead someone that you love getting in your way of your dream, you can't help but become angry and frustrated with them instead of just the situation and that isn't good....I'm not much of a believer in therapy sessions and things like that because I feel a couple of sessions with a stranger can't make that much of a difference...However, I'm thinking that perhaps a session or two for you and DH might not be a really bad idea....Perhaps having someone outside of the situation...(you know, someone neutral to both parties)...weighing in on the matter might be helpful. It's just a thought....I'll keep an eye out for you just in case you're at your wits end and need to vent again next month...<wink>....I really hope your situation gets better though....Just remember, it's not about you....I doubt that he's doing this to hurt you or your relationship....He's just being a pig headed man!....giggle.....


KT - June 6

Thanks for the advice. I'll see what I can do about getting him to go to a session with me or even to a doctor's appt. I know he's not purposely trying to sabotage. He just thinks that it'll happen when it happens. He's not much of a planner, but I knew that all along. :)


AnnieH - June 6

KT, I know that men really need to feel like they can perform. I think he is feeling a little depressed that he can't "get you pregnant". This must be hard on him and so it is easier for him to not try if he thinks he will keep failing.


AMK - June 6

He is cheating on you!


What? - June 6

AMK, why so negative....have you been burned?


Amy to KT - June 6

Hey. I understand just how you feel. I have one child right now and I am ready for another one. My husband on the other hand, he is not ready. He has told me that he is considering it. but other than that, he does not want to even talk about it. I feel hurt inside sometimes because that is what i really want and i can't even talk to him about it. He always talks about the stuff he wants. The bad thing that is haunting me is that my sister n law just had a baby, my stepsister just had a baby and now my sister just had a baby. I look at each one and get jealous. It makes me feel sad, you know? Anyhow, I am sorry that you are going through this. I wish i had some information that would help you but i don't know how to help myself. Take care and good luck girl.



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