what do these symptoms mean, am i pregnant or not??
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sunflower7180 - January 23

i have a 25 day cycle and ever since the last one started i had pms then i had the O symptoms and when i was done with O i still have the cramps and sore boobs, i also am now 5dpo and have a light yellowish clear cm. am i pregnant and has this happend o anybody else and they know what it is??? please help!!


michelleb - January 23

I'm not sure. You should go to twoweekwait.com because they have all kinds of very early pregnancy symtoms on there from people who stayed pregnant... and they are listed by dpo so you can compare your symptoms with theirs. Good luck!


sunflower7180 - January 24

ok thanks, are u ttc as well?


Tracy - January 24

Hey Sunflower! Did you take clomid or anything this last cycle or TTC naturally?


sunflower7180 - January 24

we are all natural. have been that way since the beginning.


mommylove - January 24

Hey Sunflower! How've you been? Did you get my email? I am having the exact same symptoms. Since I O'd I have felt like I am still O'ing.


sunflower7180 - January 25

no i did not get your email, sorry can you send me another one. [email protected]
i will test today and everyday until af is due (31st)


mommylove - January 26

Ok I'll send it again. So what was the result? Are you still having any symptoms? Baby Dust and Honey!!!


sunflower7180 - January 26

yesh i am still having the sme symptoms, they have never gone away since O. i dont know what this is, i have never had anything like this before, have you??? mwhats ur email cause i am not getting yours! baby dust



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