What do sore bbs feel like?
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fatboy - November 22

This may be a stupid question, but how do sore bbs feel when your pregnant? I have fibrocystic lumps in both bbs. There is one lump in each bb on the sides. Each month anywhere from 1-7 days before AF those lumps get very sore. I have never had them hurt any earlier than 7 days before AF. This month they started hurting 11 days before AF is due. I was wondering if the soreness is all over or if there is a particular area that is sore. Thanks ahead of time for your help!


slowpoke01 - November 22

fatboy when i was pregnant with my tubal pregnancy in august they were sore all over not just one spot. they hurt to even put my shirt on in the morning. they hurt everywhere not just in one spot.


fatboy - November 22

Okay, thanks slowpoke!


lovemy3 - November 22

hi there, I never had sore bb with a ny of my 3 kids, so I don't always think you need to have that as a symptom...good luck!!


chandellina - November 22

hi there, in my pregnancies (miscarriages, unfortunately) my boobs felt very sore on the sides and less so everywhere else (and one pregnancy much more so than the other). it was a very noticeable feeling on the sides.


chandellina - November 22

oh, also, the first time around they started hurting quite early, about 6 days after ovulation. sometimes my boobs hurt before my period but only a few days.


fatboy - November 25

Chandellina, that sounds so similar to my situation. My bbs always hurt a few days before AF, but this month it started 11 days before AF just on the outsides of both. Ovulation was a week ago from yesterday and today a have swelling and bbs are sore all over, not just on the sides. Somethings different! Thanks for all of your help Slow, Lovemy3 and Chand...baby dust to all of us!


slowpoke01 - November 26

good luck fatboy. keep us posted


fatboy - November 27

Hi everyone. I have another question. I am today about 10 to 11 dpo. I took a bfn test yesterday. My bbs have been sore for 1 week today. About 4 days ago they became extremely sore to the touch all over and swollen. This morning I woke up and they are back to being just a little sore only if I push on them and swelling is gone. My question is this: When you become pregnant, does the soreness and swelling of your bbs come and go or does it stay the same soreness from that point on? Thanks in advance for the help! Baby dust to all


slowpoke01 - November 27

mine stayed sore until i terminated it due to tubal. but everyone is different


fatboy - November 27

Slow, so you mean that the level of soreness and swelling stayed the same everyday? You never had days where they were more sore than other days or vice versa?


slowpoke01 - November 28

no they stayed the same. until my hcg levels went down quite a bit then the soreness went away. but everyone is different some womne never have sore boobs. good luck



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