What do i need to know before we do iui?
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sunshine - September 14

Meeting with fertility doc tomorrow to discuss doing iui this month. It will be our first month trying iui. what questions should i be asking and what answers do i want (ie: do i ask about multiple percentages or clinic percentages of things and what are good numbers?, what meds do i ask about (i am ovulating, i seem to have no probs, dh has borderline sperm motility and we are 39 and 41 with no kids yet). Just nervous and dont know what i need to know.Last time i met with him i froze and this time i want to write out questions and be ready.


sunshine - September 15

does noone have any answers to this??


Christy - September 15

Sunshine, I would ask if he plans on putting you on medication. Mine did even though I ovulate regularly. He said it increased our chances. Ask about side effects of meds and or risks. Ask what your chances of conceiveing are with dh's sperm count. Ask if he is planning to do 1 or 2 inseminations back to back. These are just suggestions off the top of my head. Writing the questions down is an excellent idea. My dr. put me on Femara instead of Clomid. He said it has less side effects and generally works better. I also take an HCG shot 36hrs before iui to induce ovulation. I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck!


sunshine - September 16

thanx Christy for your advice unfortunately i didnt see it until after i went to appt. I wish i had seen it because he put me on clomid not femara so now i wish i had known to ask the difference.



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