What did you find out?
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carrot top - February 9

I am going for a HSG dye test today and I was wondering what I can expect to find out. Will it only tell me if my tubes are blocked... or will it see anything else? What did this test lead to for you? More tests? or treatment? I'm just a little nervous. We've been TTC #1 for 3 years. I've put off tests just because I don't know if I want to know whats wrong! Then I have to deal with it! Thanks ladies!


Tink - February 9

It told me my tubes were clear and open, so it ruled out blocked tubes as our infertility cause. i had already done 4 months on clomid/time bd. so after this test is when I saw the RE and started IUIs. I had already done bloodwork and DH had done 2 S/A's prior to the HSG. don't put off testing. you DO want to know if something is wrong, otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels, trying for 2-3 more years, when it could be something simple to fix. so definitely step up and go do the tests. i am unexplained, all our tests are normal so far and we are doing IVF now. but there are lots of minor things that can be fixed with medication etc. It can really improve your chances if you know what is wrong, how to treat it and then successfully conceive. good luck to you!


angelkitty - February 9

This test will be able to tell you if your tubes are blocked or not.


carrot top - February 9

Thanks Tink and angelkitty! My appointment is at 1:00 and I am just really nervous. I don't know if I want there to be something wrong (just so I can know how to fix it) or if I want it to be normal. Unexplained infertility would be just as bad I would think. Not knowing whats wrong only knowing that nothing is working. What was your reaction Tink, to knowing that all the tests were normal? Were you relieved? I just don't know what to think about anything these days. My emotions are out the window! Thanks for the comments!


angelkitty - February 9

Carrot top - my dh and I have unexplained infertility. Everything is as normal as normal can be. And that is hard. I was like you - I wanted something to be wrong so there would be something to fix and then it would happen. I am so proud of you for getting out there and moving on. It feels so good to be moving on!!!!


Tink - February 9

i think it is hard either way. If i had something wrong like PCOS, i would have treatment, but it wouldn't be easy. being unexplained is difficult too though. at this point, the RE has told me he has two guesses as to what is the issue......one being that the fingers at the bottom of my fallopian tubes aren't picking up the egg and sucking it through the tube like it should- so he says that could be a problem with picking up the egg. nothing to do about that though. IVF would bypass that issue, implanting hte egg directly into the uterus. his other guess is that DH's sperm cannot penetrate the shell of my egg to fertilize. DH has 2 semen analysis. his count was great on both. his motility was slightly off on the first. so we did a second test. the second showed his motility was fine. but now it showed his morphology slightly below (it was fine the first time). it wasn't off enough to prevent us from getting pregnant, so they never gave it a second thought really. but now he is thinking perhaps it could be it, perhaps that 'slight off' is just enough to prohibit us. IVF/ICSI would solve that, or we will see if they fertilize on their own in the petri dish. so hopefully if one of those is the problem- IVF will be the solution for us. but it is hard with no clear cut problem in our case. i am healthy- we are both athletic (but not overly), everything is in working order. it's just a long journey and you have to pack your patience. good luck!



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