What days to take clomid???
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KDR - March 10

I have been reading a lot of things that say to take clomid on days 3-7... My doctor told me 5-9. I already did one cycle on days 5-9 and got BPN. Do you think switching to cd 3-7 would be okay or work better? What did your docs prescribe? Thanks :)


June - March 10

Maybe you should consult your Dr. I'm sure he gave you that number because thats whats best for you. But it wont hurt to give him a ring and see if its ok.


Ann - March 10

From what I have read and confirmed by my ob/gyn, certain drs just prefer certain days. I also read one study that looked at day 5-9ers and when they took clomid on days 1-5 a good percentage of them got pg. If I were you, I would follow what the dr prefers for a couple cycles and then ask about changing if you still get BFNs. Good luck!



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