What days did your RE do ultrasound to measure follicles???
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DB - April 20

I am going to be starting clomid 100mg this week (On cd1 now, have re appt. tomorrow for baseline tests). My RE said we will do ultrasounds and a triggershot if I wanted to...and I do..I think my first round of clomid I got a + OPK on day 12 (this was with my gyn, so I had no real monitoring or ultrasounds etc)..I am just curious when they usually schedule the ultrasounds to measure the follicles?? What have other people's past experiences been?? I would appreciate any advice! Thanks :)


isa - April 21

1st month I took 100mg clomid cd 2-6, u/s cd2,6,9,10,11 u/s & trigger, iui cd12 &13. 2nd month I took 50mg clomid days 2-6, ultrasound was cd4,7,9,10,11,12 u/s & trigger, iui cd13&14. blood work also done same day as u/s. My experience seems to be that I get a lot more u/s than a lot of people but I like it so they cant miss my ovulation and he can adjust my injectible meds as we go along if need be. Both of the above clomid cycles were also with injectibles. I didnt use opk's at all the ultrasounds checked follie size and the b/w checked my lh surges so I didnt have to buy opks.


Anna_ - April 21

DB, I usually get u/s on cd 11. Then from there depending on the size of the follicles either trigger shot or few more u/s each alternate day.


Lynn - April 21

I never had ulstrasound with clomid. I began getting them for follie check when I did femera. I did the cd 3- cd7 protocol and had ultrasound on cd 12. When moving to injections, I had an ultrasound on cd 7 and cd 10.



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