What day did your dr do blood wk to see ifyou O'd??????
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Amy X - April 10

Hi! I am on clomid and was wondering what day your dr told you to go in and do blood work to check your levels to see if you ovulated?


lilly2 - April 10

Hi, it is progesterone blood test on cd21 and it'll shows whatever your are ovulating or not.My doctor will do check, a blood test for lh,estrogen, progesterone ans fsh on cd 2or3 and than you should start clomid or injectibles.Than as i said cd21 all hormons again but progesterone level shows ovulation.Good luck.


Jaqi - April 10

They test on Day 21


SashaP - April 10

They always test me 8 days after I get a + opk.. It's never been an exact day for me since I O on a different cd every month.


Tracy - April 10

For me, I would call when I got a positive opk then I would go in 7 or 8 days later for serum progesterone. Since I ovulate at different times each month, they would have me call them.


Mega - April 10

I always get my Prog. level b/w done approx. 7 or 8 DP IUI.


tanya - April 10

progesterone should be checked 7 or 8 days past ovulation. Too soon or too late will give you inaccurate results.If you ovulate on cd 14 then go in cd21 or 22. If you ovulate on cd 12 go in cd19 or cd20 etc. Are they not monitoring you with u/s while you are on clomid to know when you ovulated?



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