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L - May 27

Hi there! For all those of you takingor who have taken clomid, what cycle day did you start taking it on? Thanks!!


CRYSTAL - May 27



Drew - May 27

I am on days 3-7. We'll see if it worked on the 31st. Good luck!


Kelly - May 27

I take it days 3-7. Did not ovulate on 50mg, so up to 100mg this month!


molly - May 28

i take it days 3-7 and just started 100 mg this month also.


melanie - May 29

i take it on days 3-7 also. 100mgs.


Drew - May 30

Did any of you ladies take it at 100mg first round? That was what I started at, and I've seen so many of you say you started at 50mg. I hope they didnt start me out at too much.....


Melissa - May 31

I started at 50 mg on cd 5-9. You can start at 100 mg though. It all depends on your situtation. Ie, how old are you, how long have you been trying, what diagnosis you have, etc.


To melissa - May 31

My doctor prescribed 50 mgs. and I heard so many woman say that they took 100 mgs that I started myself on that..


Amy - May 31

I took 50mg days 3-7, and got pregnant the second month on Clomid.


Donna - June 1

Hello ladies! I tooka second round of Clomid and my period is due June 16 or June 17. I took it 5-9 the first month @ 100 MG and this month 3-7 MG. Didn't anyone experience symptoms? I did before my period last month. My breasts were extra sensitive and I felt nauseous. I was hoping I was pregnant but that wasn't the case. I am age 42 so we are really hoping for some baby dust as I hope for all of you as well. I may take a break from Clomid next month and try the Fertileaid pills. Has anyone tried those before? Look forward to responses.


Drew - June 1

Hi Donna! I was supposed to start af yesterday, but as usual, its late. I thought maybe I was pg because I have been nauseous, sensitive breasts, ect. But maybe I'm the same as you....? I also have cramps, not really bad, but there. I was hoping the Clomid and Metformin might make me have a more regular 28 day cycle, or something close to that, but I think I'm SOL! As for symptoms on the Clomid... nothing but MOODINESS! lol, good luck!


to: To Melissa - June 1

The only thing about starting yourself on meds without seeing your doctor is the unknown side effects. 100 mg is a higher level, and if you're younger your dr normally likes to start you off there because of the ovary overstimulation. Since you already started yourself on them you should at least schedule a blood test when af is due to ensure you're not pg. My dr said they have not done testing with clomid and pregnancy, so they don't know the side effects. Be careful. My prayers are with you. :-)


Donna - June 3

Thanks for the response Drew and also Melissa. I have to get ultrasounds before being put on Clomid each time to check for over stimulation of the ovaries (i,.e. cysts) and also so many days after taking the clomid to see if there are any eggs. Blood work is checked to see how close to ovulation I am and when to try. My doctor is very thorough, but as I said, I don't want to go back on the Clomid next month. I want to give the fertilaid vitamins a shot. Good luck to you both and keep me posted on your status. Hope good news comes your way soon.



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