what could be wrong no period for 2 months???
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Jmaz - March 29

MY husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now(we already have a little girl) but no luck. And the past 2 months I have not gotten my peroid and the blood tests came back negative and I dont know why and I want to know why we are having such a problem getting pregnant? Help us!!!! Thank you!!!!


Heather - March 30

I was on bc pills for 8 years. The first year and a half after I quit taking them... I think I had a total of 8 periods. I would go for a couple of months without. I now have to take provera to force a period. I'd call the dr.


May - March 31

Hey! I had some of the same issues. Still having the not preggo issue. I am 29 and have 3 year old. We have been trying for over a year for our second. I have had all kinds of tests and everything has come back fine except for my thyroid. My TSH levels are low. They really messed up my periods and ovulation. Sometimes with thyroid issues, you just stop ovulating therefore you do not have a period or they are all off schedule. Thyroid issues are very controllable with meds. I am taking PTU now and everything is back to normal. Still working on the pregnant part. Hope it happens very soon for the both of us. I also just started taking this natural herbal stuff called Ovulex. I will keep you posted!!!


May - March 31

Sorry, one more thing. My thyroid stuff was brought on by my first pregnancy. I just did not pay attention to any of it until it started affecting my fertility!


TJ - March 31

I have been off the pill since November 2004, and have continued to have longer and longer periods. On Day 56, and still no period --- Grrrr! I went to the doctor, and have had blood tests and an ultrasound, as the doctor thought I could have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I will hear on Tuesday how I went. It is so frustrating when you are TTC and experiencing periods few and far between. The radiologist who did my U/S said she is going through the same thing - so frustraing, and so much more common that I would have ever thought. Good luck, and let me know how you make out.


Denie - June 28

I have not had a period since March 2005. We have trying to have another baby since March. I go get tested each month and nothing changes. I am really tired all the time. I do have thyroid issues. It sucks because I really do want another baby.


kim - June 30

You ladies need to do some research. I have found out that women take herbal supplements to regulate hormones. Do a search on herbal supplements and infertility. I took New Phase after no periods for 2 years and got pregnant. There are many different things you can take.


chrissy - July 1

what is new phase? and what is the web page for that?


ali101 - July 15

i have not had a period for almost two months i think its because increased exercise help!!!!! anyone who knows please!


lizzie - July 28

I have never used any type of pregnacy pills and I period has not come for 2 months....i took 2 pregnacy test and they all came out negative....i dont know whats going on?!?!?!?!



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