what could be wrong??
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Dee_K - March 6

I'm 23, I have regular cycles and a "slightly tilted uterus" from what my doc said. My fiance and I have been trying for almost a year and a half with NO pregnancies...does anyone know anything about tilted uterus problems or why I might be having such a hard time getting pregnant? Any help would be much appreciated.


slowpoke01 - March 7

i have an aunt who had a tilted uterus and had 2 kids with no problems at all of getting pregnant. she had to have c-sections on both of them because she couldnt have them i dont know if the tilited uterus had anything to do with that or not, but she said that after her 2nd the doc told her that it was a wonder she even got pregnant. i have also read that it doesnt affect fertility so you may ask your doc about it. good luck


lis5 - March 7

At 23 i so not think it should take a year and a half to get pregnant. I do not mean to scare you but I would go to a specialist and have some tests run. I am surprised your doctor has not ordered some tests. My mom had a tilted uterus and had 4 kids oh and her doctor told her it would be difficult to get pregnant. I do not believe a tilted uterus can cause fertility problems. Good luck.


kdlovesrd - March 7

I found out last week that my uterus sits naturally to my left side and that its "smaller than average" and that because of it, I may have problems conceiving (which I do). I am about to start taking Clomid so hopefully that medication will help increase my odds. :) Good Luck! (PS) I'm 27 and we've been TTC for over a year now with no luck!


caribangell - March 9

Hi dee, I have a tilted uterus as well and have two healthy boys I convieved withoutany problem. but the science of conception is that it's not that easy to get pregnant even normal 20 yrs old has a difficult time getting pregnant, so don't give up. baby dust to ya!!!!



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