What Constitutes "spotting?"
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anne - January 17

Hi THere, TTC forever, without even the hint of success ever. Irregular cycles, and he has low motility sperm (unknown why). Had clear mucous on Jan 6. did the deed. then on jan 11 or 12, pink blood, when wiping, or a drop in the pad. Excess saliva! Sore boobs, which I think may be getting more dark, but I could be imagining this. 2 negative HPTS. Any thoughts? Is this implantation spotting? When to test? Dare to dream? Or dread?


hi anne - January 18

I had symptoms for a month and found out i was not preg i think i put it in my head! I wish u look i also have been trying 4eva and today i have doc's app and if he does not help im buying clomid off the net!


Rita - January 18

Good Luck at the doctors... I've also thought of clomid off the net... but be aware... its not good if your partner isnt able to fertilize egg (eg low sperm count, low motility....). They only give 3 cycles of clomid, then stop. Chances of getting preg on clomid decrease after first cycle (if you don't have luck on first cycle). I don't know why. Also, it can cause some sort of Private Region cancer (i dont' recall which) if on it for too long. The doc will fill you in on all this too though. THey'll test you like a lab animal... to ensure you have hormones, fallopian tubes are clear.... and him too. Good luck.


to rita - January 18

Oh my god i neva knew all that not sure my husband will be treated like that at the min its getting to much i feel like sex is a chore! I said sorry to him 4 this so he doesnt feel like a baby machine! If no clomid off doc net shopping it is haha will only use 10tablets 5 each month . Thanks 4 yr advise xx


Rita - January 18

Hi there...
email me privately! We can talk about this!!!!!! I can share tons of info with you! Or add me to your contact list at MSN! I'm [email protected]


Rita - January 18

I'm off to work just now... but home at about 5:00pm. Meet me on MSN. I want to hear about the doctor, and we can totally talk about this stuff!!!!! [email protected]


To Rita - January 18

Thanks 4 yr address we will speak later xx


to rita - January 19

Went to the doctors last night he is sending mne to a specialist just have to wait 4 an appointment to come threw the post!! Im please not sure what to expect but glad rthey will help me xx How are u?



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