What cd works best with Clomid?
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Drew - July 11

I will be starting my last cycle of Clomid soon (I feel af comming on) and I have been taking it cd 3-7, but has anyone taken it other cd's and had a bfp? Even if it ended in m/c. I know about taking meds as the doctor orders, but none the less I would like to try different cd's this round. Any input would be great!!


Lena - July 11

Earlier in the cycle is suppose to be better than later. Taking Clomid CD 3-7 should produce more follicles than if you waited two day and started on CD 5. I usually start on CD 5 and have 3-4 follicles. Last cycle I started on CD 6 and only had 1 follicle. That's a big, big difference. This cycle I'm starting tonight on CD 3.


Drew - July 11

Thanks Lena, I just thought trying another cd might help. I'll be starting round 3 whenever af decides to show up. I usually take them cd 3-7, which obviously hasn't been working. Maybe I'll stick to that this month too. This will be my last Clomid cycle. Thanks again!!



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