What can you tell me about CLOMID?
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PrincessesMom - June 27

I am on my 1st cycle of clomid 50mg 3-7. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about increasing my chances to concieve and clomid specifically. I really appriciate any help, Thank you!


slowpoke01 - June 28

hey princessesmom ok here is what the doc told me i ovulate on my own but my progesterone level was12.1 and they said they like to see it over 15 because your chances of conceiving are higher so they gave me clomid i took it days 3-7 same as you and i ovulated on the 14th day i am now in the 2ww thursday i will know if im pregnant or not anyway i had my progesterone checked last thursday and that was day 21 i think of my cycle or close to it and my progesterone was 25.8 so it doubled my progesterone level which is really good also it increases your chances of have twins like 6% which inst a whole lot what clomid does is make the quality of your egg better and in some cases makes you ovulate more than 1 egg and increases your chances of getting pregnant it helps your eggs muture and grow better and you have a better chance of conceiving using clomid than without if you do not ovulate on your own it will definitely help with that also the only side effect i had while i was on it is that i was tired and i had headaches the first few days so hpe i was some help to you


PrincessesMom - June 28

Thanks slowpoke, goodluck Thursday! Is this your first month with clomid? How many mg are you on? I think twins would be so much fun!


slowpoke01 - June 28

yeah this is my first month i am on 50 mg also twins run in my family so we will see i will let you know if a/f shows on thursday also have you talked to doc about doing iui it increases your chances of getting pregnant too thats what i did iui with clomid so we will see how it goes


Tammy276 - June 28

Hi Slowpoke. I am interested in asking my doctor about Clomid because my cycles are so irregular, and I normally don't ovulate until like cycle day 28. I am on cd 6 right now. Do you think they would be able to start me on it this month yet or would I have to wait until my next cycle? I don't know how this stuff works, or when you have to start it, i will just call them tomorrow and see what they say.


slowpoke01 - June 28

it is probably too late for this month since they usually give it on days 1-5 ,3-7 ,or 5-9 also have you had any testing done such as hsg dye test or have you been tested for endometriosis or pcos because i know alot of women with pcos that clomid helps also have you had progesterone tests or anything? i ovulated on my own but my progesterone wasnt as high as they liked to see it but the clomid doubled it so i would definitely talk to your doc about getting started on clomid i have regular 28 day cycles so it may help regulate your cycle also there are some girls with long cycles on here and they take provera?i think thats what is is called to get their cycles started if their cycles are really long may want to talk about that too since you ovulate on day 28 i am assuming you have really long cycles like 40 day cycles am i right? well that it is just a few things that you may want to consider asking your doc about



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