what can you do to help the sperm stay in???
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sz - March 29

Hi. I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now. After we have sex i lay down with a pillow after for about 20 minutes. And sometimes i will just fall asleep right after. But even after 7 hours of sleep or so, i get up in the morning and all of it comes out!!!!! And i mean a lot.......
What should i do??? Does anyone know if this is ok???


Kelly - March 29

I am having the same problem. I was wondering if maybe I had a hostile cm.


Si - March 29

Hi, this is completely normal, when I was trying conceiving, even after lying flat on my back after sex, it would eventually come out, but although it doesnt seem so, you can be sure, some good part of it stays inside, it doesnt take too much to get pregnant.Only one sperm makes after all. So I think you are doing right thing, for somebody it takes just one shot, somebody has to wait longer... I got preg. after trying almost a year this way, but I did...and dont forget that even healthy couples could be trying for more than year before it works. There is only 25 percent with each ovulation...the longer you are trying ,the more likely it is to happen to though. Good luck, dont panic, you will get pregnant!


Naomi M. - March 29

I chart on fertilityfriend.com and ALOT of women are using the Instead cups after sex. Lie on your back after sex, dont get up to go pee or anything, wait 20 min, then insert the instead cup and you can keep it in for up to 12 hours. I bought some for this month too, so we will see. Walgreens, I think they were $6.99 for like 15.


+*+*+*+*+april+*+*+*+ - May 19

Hi i was having the smae problem all you have to do is stack a few pillows under your but while you are haveing sex and stay there for 30 mins atleast i always stay for an hour or two hours just lying there watching tv and try to relax as much as posible sometimes i fall asleep!! if you stay as long as i do noe of it will come out even when you go pee!! i just started doing this about 2 weeks ago!! good luck and baby dust!!+*+*+*+*+*+*+



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