What can this mean??
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rebecca - September 12

I have 39 day cycles so i usually ovulate on Day 26, im on Day 29 and my temps have stayed 36.7 for the last 7 days with no change. I have had all normal ovulating signs for the past week (eg fertile mucus signs) so why is my temp staying the same?


AT - September 14

I think the temp rises two days before the actual ovulation. Sometimes you do need to chart a few months to get it spot on. All the best and baby dust.


me - September 14

Your temp wil increase as a result of ovulation, not before. When you ovulate, the sac that the egg was in will produce progesterone, which releases heat and therefor increases your basal temp. If it is staying up for a consistent amount of time, then you have already ovulated. Ovulation can occur anytime between after menses and before your period, so maybe you just had an earlier ovulation than usual. Hopefully you had sex before the temp rise. If not, try again next month. Good luck!


me - September 14

Oh, and the reason it is staying the same is because the elvated temp after ovulation stays up until your next period. If it stays up after your period is ude, take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant your temp will stay up until the baby comes. Good luck!


to me - September 15

actually, your temp doesn't stay up till the end of your pregnancy. im at 16.5 weeks and mine is just about down to normal, only very slightly elevated and everything is normal :)


me - September 15

I will clarify, the temp stays up past your BBT, not above the normal 98.6. The normal BBT can be anything from 97.0 to 97.5. WHen I say elevated, I mean from 97.6 to 98.6. Sorry for the confusion. :)



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