What are the side effects of Progesterone Suppositories?
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Ann - July 28

Can someone tell me how much progesterone per day your Dr. has prescribed for you? My Dr. had me get progesterone suppositories. It is actually called Crinone, they are 90mg of progesterone per applicator. I am supposed to take them twice a day starting day four after my IUI. This seemed like a lot. Is this common? Also, can there be any ill effects from taking too much progesterone?


Carrie - July 28

I was on probably the lowest dose - 25mg however I talked to a girl who was on 200mg and another who was on 600 mg. I think it all depends on how great your progesterone deficiency is - that must be how they determine the amount you need. I kept thinking that I wasn't taking enough but since my deficiency wasn't as great as others, it ended up being just enough to do the trick.


Ann - July 31

Thanks Carrie, I asked another DR that I see about the progesterone and he said that I only need 90mg a day. So I have to take it only once at night. The Dr I had talked with before had not prescribed it to me. They don't know if I have a problem with it. Because of my m/c I am taking it just in case.



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