what are the odds?
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kara - December 7

my husband is getting over some medical problems and having sex currently on a daily or regular basis is out of the picture so we bought a ovulation prediction kit and will only be having sex on the days i'm ovulating so i was just wondering has anyone else conceived by soley having sex on just those couple of days? i know they say to have sex every other day, but we can't , it is not possible, so i just want to know what my odds are? thanks, kara


to kara - December 8

we have the same problem. we both have low sex drive. i would like to the ans to this ques too. how long have u been trying?


gwen - December 8

It is not necessary to have sex every second day , you can only get pregnant when you ovulate so if you have sex the day before ovulation and every second day til 2 days after ovulation your chances are high for coneption, any other time of the month is considered low fertility so you can rest easy and check for positives opk and you should be alright.


kara - December 8

we have only been trying since september, it just worries me a little. my husband was injured playing football, broken ribs, 1 leg, and a slew of other little painful things, he will recover just fine, it's just that the whole act of having sex can be pretty painful on his injured body parts. the mood is there for both of us but we both want kids so bad we wait until i'm ovulating to have sex seeing that it puts him in pain. i just get so worried that people can't conceive by just having sex on their 1 or 2 prime fertile days. how about you???


Kelly - December 8

Morning gals. I have been ttc for 5 months and have always had sex every other day after AF. No results so I have spoken to many docs and friends that say having sex that often may not be good since the most fertile time is so short that his swimmers are being used too much at the wrong time. Many women have sex every 3-4 days and seem to see results that same month. Sperm is always there BUT to get the most healthy ones with some men you have to hold out until ovulation time.



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