What are odds of twin having twins with Clomid?
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Diddybubby - October 28

Hi Ladies. Does anyone know the actual odds of a fraternal twin conceiving twins on Clomid (50)? I did lose twins about 6 years ago which were conceived naturally and am almost 36 (aargh!). Do you reckon its more than 10% chance or less? Anyone who knows how to work the percentage out or has a rough idea please write back.


Tracy88 - October 28

They say it's 10%, I believe it might be about right. BUT 80% of pregnancies that start as twins end up as singletons. I just lost one of my twins at 8 and half weeks. It's very common and only 20% of twin pregnancies make it through to the end. Weeks 5 through 10 are the most delicate.


Diddybubby - October 28

Thanks Tracy. So, so sorry to hear your news. Hope you sail through the rest of your pregnancy happily. Keep us posted.


Lin - October 28

Your odds of conceiving twins are probably higher than most. Fraternal twins do run in families, and your odds of having twins are higher based on your age as well. I couldn't tell you exact percentages, though.


Diddybubby - October 29

Cheers Lin


hoping - October 30

My thoughts are that if you are a fraternal twin, you would have similar risks to someone who is polycystic because in both of those cases when you take clomid you're about to release a well-loaded gun. The risk for twins for someone polycystic runs at about 30%. My guess would be that it would be about the same - especially since you've conceived twins before. Your age will also mean an increased risk. :)


Tink - October 30

i know it was 10% or less. i just starting injectables (follistim) and was told 20% on twins and 3-5% on triplets!


slowpoke01 - October 30

twins run in my family and the doc told me that the chance on clomid was like 10 or 12% and it increases like another 5% or so since twins run in my family. so since you are a twin and you were pregnant with twins and you are on clomid your chances should be really good. good luck



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