what are my chances of pregnancy
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heartache - February 22

I'm 33yrs old have only one tube lost one 25 months ago eptopic pregnancy got both overies have just started my first lot of clomid 50mg as I just been told I have PCOS has anybody had similer probs and still got pregnant ?


Jen - February 22

I am 34 yrs old, never been pregnant & on my 4th month of clomid. I also have PCOS. From everything I have read, PCOS does not rule out pregnancy, neither does only one tube. The latest statistic I found was that 75% of all women with PCOS are able to become pregnant. Good luck!


mia - February 23

i am 29 have a 6 yr old have pcos,my fiance and i are going to ttc again v soon my af are irregular is that where clomid comes in.I did get pregnant last year but mc at 6 wks,i didnt have af then but you can ovulate without having af. what does clomid do is it to bring on ovulation or keep hormone levels up or both im new to this forum have found it very interesting and from what i have read i think i need to see dr before we try ttc apreciate any info on the clomid question.


luna - February 23

mia clomid is used to encourage regular ovulation you usualy start on 50mg up to 150mg you also take it from anywhere between day 2 of your period to day 6 up to about day 5 to day 9 different docs do things differant apperantly the ealier in your period you take it,you could end up with multi pregnancy but I feel this is a small price to pay if you want a baby. If you have more then one then you have an instant family.I feel the chances are well worth it. good luck..


mia - February 23

luna thanks for your reply.am having to take medication at the moment so have to wait a couple of months before ttc seems an eternity i'm getting very inpatient.i just think if i can try and find things out now hopefully i will full easier if that makes sense.thanks again,Mia


Peggy - February 23

Ladies, my cousin has PCO's and Endometriosis, and she gave birth to her baby girl a few months ago! Therefore, have faith, it DOES happen at some point!! I also have Endo and I've been ttc for 2 years. She is my hope through all of this, because if she could with twice as many problems as me, I can too!!!!



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