What are my chances?
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Deby - June 27

Hello everyone. Best wishes to all of you. This is my 3rd month ttc and am hoping the 3rd time's a charm. My cycles have always been 28 days and recently have been between 25-28. My doctor told me to begin trying on Day 9. We tried day 8 and went all the way up to day 16 cause I wanted to make sure we hit the day. I took an ovulation test on Friday 06/24 and it came out positive (which was day 13) so we were sure to have sex that day all the way up to and including Monday. nyone know how accurate ovulation tests are? I was told to be sure you have sex the day it becomes positive and 2 days after since you can ovulate anywhere from 24-36 hours. We did a 3rd day just to be sure. I have been trying to chart my cm and I have yet to get the egg white in 3 months (unless I miss finding it). Does everyone get that? Can I still be ovulating and not getting the egg white type of mucus. I have noticed the lotion type over the past 2 days. Please help!



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