what are exams to diagnose PCOS?
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laura - February 24

Hi-i was just wondering what exams are taken to determine if you have PCOS ?is it determined by blood tests or transvaginal ultrasounds ? also---how long does the testing last untill the gyno determines that you have PCOS?-. thanks !


robyn - February 24

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS even though since i was about 17 by first GYN always said I had it. But now I am 37 and ttc so she started to do some tests. When the tests came back she said it was consistent with PCOS.. Both my RE and GYN asked a lot of questions about my symptoms and most II do not have. Mainly mine was a loss of period which is irregular. They do a lot of blood work to check your levels. I just had the vaginal ultrasound which they a saw a bunch of small little cysts around my ovaries. I am now seeing an RE because we are ttc and I have a a lot more blood work coming up next week which is also related to PCOS to determine insulin levels etc. That also is a determining factor for which kind of meds they want to start you on for fertility.Good luck.


laura - February 24

thanks robyn---i guess all summed up it is alot of blood work to determine if you have PCOS. ---also----i have been reading alot of posts about endometriosis---how is that diagnosied---from what kind of tests-?-and if you have that with PCOS is it really bad for someone who is ttc ?


ROBYN - February 24

laura, I dont know anything about endometriosis. I know that a lot of women are getting pregnant with PCOS I have a 7 yr old son from a previous marriage that for the life of me I still joke about it to this day do not know how I ever got pg. (well i mean I know the birds and the bees) (: but my doc had always told me I would need assistance in doing it. Well getting married again in 2 months and we have been trying for a year so we are now seeing an RE I dont thinik anything is impossible with these conditions it might take a little longer than the average person but, I believe that it will happen.


JEANNIE - February 27

i am not sure if this true, but i heard that woman who have pcos do not ovulate. are there any blood tests or exams to determine if we did ovulate that month ? and when are they taken ? also, can an ultrasound determine if we did ovulate or did that follicle-egg turn into a cyst ?


Mega - February 27

Laura--the only definitive way to get tested for endometriosis is to have a laporosocopy done. It's a minor surgical procedure--it isn't too bad, I had it done 2/17 & turned out I didn't have endo. but I did have Ovarian Drilling done for my PCOS though. Quick recovery, the only real pain is with the incisions & since they're so small it's not too bad at all. Jeannie--that's true, as a general rule women with PCOS either don't O, or at the very least they don't O on a regular basis. Yes, the bloodtest confirming whether or not you O'd is the progesterone blood test (sometime called the Day 21 test), it should be done 7 days after you think you might've O'ed. HTH! Good luck.



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