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Tammy - November 13

I figured I would share this with you... I think I am going to watch it for a day or so and maybe give it a try. It's pennies compared to some lengths I am willing to go to. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V
. If you can't get that link to work, go to ebay and put these numbers in the search bar and click search - 5635120051


neat stuff - November 13

very interesting concept -my clinic after an iui has you put your feet flat on the table with bent knees while lying on your back. We do this for 5 minutes.


Staci - November 13

Thanks for sharing. I will probably do the same.


Tammy - November 13

Does it raise your butt up when you put your feet flat and bend your knees or do you not bend them that much. I was gonna lie down and try but i didn't want mu DH to think i was nuts lol


for Tammy - November 13

I guess you could always do a pelvic tilt while your there if you want the butt up higher but I just am on my back with feet on the table so its a position they cant fall out. I've never had leakage until after I get up but have been told after 5 minutes its just a waste of time lying there. The sperm either swim up or they dont but when doing iui's as we are they are put right where they are supposed to be so they cant fall out.(thats what they tell me anyways)


Tammy - November 15

I have held my butt in the air, just hasn't done the trick yet... maybe because i don't keep it up very long... which is why i thought the pillow thing would be cool... i could just relax and hope for the best lol


ZZZZZ - November 15

I keep my legs up for 30 minutes and still hasn't worked!!


remember - November 16

if you keep your butt elevated too high the sperm can go right up behind your cervix rather than into it.



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