Wet sensation between O and AF?
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Amy - September 2

Hi! I've been TTC #1 since March and off BCP since January. With each cycle, I've experienced a lot of vaginal wetness (not just mucus, but a really wet sensation) between the time of O and AF. I know it's common to feel wetness right before AF, but what about as early as 5 or 6 DPO? Does anyone else get this? has anyone who gets this succeeded in getting PG??


to amy - September 2

Hi Amy i am only 1 dpo and i'm already dry feeling. i get a tad wetness as i get closer to af but i usually have one day with lots of cm - looks white and clear very eggwhitish and in a chunk. Its about 3 days before. i stay a tad wet and as af approaches i get wetter but then very dry after af. i too was on b/c til jan and trying after i waited my 2 cyles i was told to wait which i found out is just stupid but oh well too late now



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