Wet cm, does this mean i'm ovulating?
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Tracey - November 28

Hi, I noticed yesterday that I have wet cm, does this mean i'm ovulating?


*** - November 28

Go to yahoo and type cervical mucus and click on images it should be the first picture on the left corner that's what it should look like if you are ovualting. good luck**


trying for #3 - November 29

here is a link it has a picture



me - November 29

If you mean your cm is kind of watery, then yes that is a good sign. I only got watery cm not egg white, so it may be normal for you. Do you normall get another kind of cm or no? Either way, wet is good. It happens a few days before you ovulate, so I wold bd every other day until O is confirmed. Goodluck!


Tracey - November 29

Thanks *** & trying for # 3, I'll take a look at the websites. me - yeah my cm was watery and it was again today, also, when it dried there was egg white/yellowy stain left which I think is a good sign. Its weird as sometimes I get cm and it clumpy, if you know what i'm saying, and then I'll get what i'm getting now, its just so hard to tell when I think i'm ovulating. But i'm gonna get busy for the next couple of days and hopefully fingers x'd :). Goodluck to you too! :)


Lori - December 4

That is the exact thing i needed help with wow that website helped that was exactly what mine looked like.



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