Went On Depo Shot After First Child, Now Can't Get Pregnant.
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Cindy - November 3

I Had My First Child 3 Years Ago, Then I went On The Depo Shot, I've Been Off The Depo For Over A Year Now And Still Can't Get Pregnant. I've Been To The Doctors And They Haven't Gave Me Any Aswers. So I'm Hoping Some One On Here Can. Please Help.


ana - November 13

i too had been on adepo shot after my first child in 1997.then after stopping depo in 2000 i really had hard time geeting my periods back.then finally in 2002 i got my periods.then i had hard time conceiving so i we went to infertility specialist and after taking clomid i had my second baby in dec2003.so maybe you too need to go see a specialist .depo really messes your body's hormones.i will never recommend it to any one.


Lola - November 14

I feel your pain, I got off the depo shot in July of 04 and keep hearing stories of it taking years. My grandmother told me an old piece of wisdom. An apple falls off the tree simply when it is ready. Sometimes miracles happen when you are least expecting them. I'll say a prayer for you.


arlene - November 18

i was on depo for like 5 years and it took me almost a year and a half to get my period back and it was very light. i liked the depo but on the other hand, i gained a lot of weight :(


cydney - December 2

I got an abortion and went on the depo shot now 8 months later i am tryiny to get pregnant and its not working out for me


anna - December 13

the depo shot made me feel like i was crazy...and now 3 years later i still feel effects from it... and no i dont get my period either


Lisa - December 14

I was on depo for 5 years after our first child, then it took a year and a half to get pregnant with our second. My period only started once 2 months before I got preg. It's been 3 years since my daughter was born and I am off again, with no period. Worrying def. makes it worse.


kahlonl - December 15

I have heard that there is a pill that can help regulate your period, I f your period is reg it will be easier to get prego. hope it helps. i'll pray for you :)


Jessica - December 30

I only had one dose of the depo, now I am starting to find out that it has some very disturbing side effects. I had a health baby boy in Aug, 02, recently I have lost two babies. Personally I think it was the shot.


erica - January 6

can you get pregnant on the depo shot


Cat - January 7

I only had one shot of depo in december of 2003 it made me feel very unstable and i was constantly on my period so i didnt get another shot i am 3months preg now but i have known several women who have had nothing but problems after the shot


Eve - August 25

I was on the depo shot form Oct 2003 to June 2005 and we're trying to get pregnant. But when I was on the depo shot it messed around with my hormones so bad. Now that I am off it, I am crying at the top of a hat. I should have never been on the shot.


Stephanie - September 22

I started taking depo after my oldest was born. 3 years later we decided to have another one. I got my period within a week and was pregnant a week after that. We are currently trying for number three and I stopped my depo This past monday. I don't know if I'll be as lucky this time. I guess everyone responds differently. My cousin got pregnant on Depo.


Jess - January 13

I am 23 and was on Depo for two years. I stopped the shot in May 2005 but I have been bleeding very irradically. The doc says give it a couple more months. It's January 2006, I hope to get pregnant soon. Has anyone heard anything recent about getting pregnant after being on the depo? It's hard to find info online.



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