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blanketsandbottles - October 1



kiza - October 1

Great idea with the new thread Jess, the other one just took too long to load. Best of luck with the doc this month, sounds like you are really on your way.------------Bev sorry to hear about your follie. Unreal how our bodies act, what have they got planned for you next month? Something a bit more reliable I hope.---------- According to FF and my temps I am 3dpo, so now into the tww, boring. I used the OPK's this month and never had a +, but on Thursday when I apparently O'ed the line was darker than any of the other days, but not dark enough to say + for sure. I think it really depends on whet time you surge and what time you pee on your stick. Doesn't matter it's out of my hands now, I'm just hoping that by changing my cd this month It doesn't make AF come too late. Not at all would be better lol. Anyway girls enjoy the rest of your weekend, we have a long weekend here so an extra relaxing day off YAH!. Take care Kylie.


lucy206 - October 1

Hey - this was a great idea.
Well - I'm in my 2ww. I ended up only having one follicle this time - which surprised me because the doctor upped my dosage to 150. I did the trigger shot Wed morning (was supposed to do it Tues - but I didn't get it until Wed - spoke to the doctors and they said it was fine) and went in for an IUI on Thursday morning. So that is where I'm at in my cycle. Hopeing and Praying for the best. Good luck Kiza - hope it works for you too.


blanketsandbottles - October 1

Hey Ladies!!! Glad to see that you all found this ok. The other thread was taking entirly to long to load!!! I have my next Drs appt one week from today and I am ready to go already. Bev... Sorry to hear about your follie. Hopefully next month the docs will get you on something more reliable. Well...Kylie and Lucy...Good Luck in your TWW! It is about time to see some positives on this thing! Talk to you guys later! Jess


kasey - October 2

Hello, I am on clomid 3-7 and this is my second month, ttc from 2 years, i am having cold and cough from 2 days, is it ok to take some medicine while taking clomid. Any suggestions is appreciated. I am sorry if i am in the wrong thread.


Allison35 - October 2

Hi! Hope I am on the right thread(confusing sometimes). Af is due friday.
Really hope that is does not come but a positive pt does. May all your dreams and wishes come true.


summerlover - October 2

Happy Monday Everyone;
Hope you are doing well and had a great weekend, Kylie lucky you with a long weekend, it is the Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend . Good luck to all of you during your 2ww. I think the dr. is going to start me on injectables next cycle, with a trigger shot and iui. I have been having quite a few twinges like o pains so I have no idea what is going on in there. Well I should get back to work will talk to you all soon


blanketsandbottles - October 3

Hey Girls! What a Monday!!! We were soooo busy at work. I think everyone's animals in our town got sick over the weekend!!! Not to worry though, I only work Wednesday and then I go on vacc!!! Anyway...I took my 4th dose of clomid tonight and only have one more to go!!! I am sooo hoping to O this month! Hope everyone else is doing fine!!! Talk to you girls later!!! Jess


kiza - October 3

Hey girls, I hope everyone had a great weekend.Lucy sounds like you have well and truly got all your bases covered, if you don't get a BFP out of that lot, then I'll be shocked.-----------Bev goodluck on the next part of the journey, Do you think you are O'ing now perhaps?, keep BD just in case, ----------------Hi Kasey, I have taken meds before with clomid, I'm pretty sure it is safe as long as you stop around the time of O just in case there's a swimmer nearby. I hope you feel better soon.-------------Jess, goodluck with this round of clomid. Are you taking anything else with it like Robi, or using preseed? -----------Allison hoping AF stays away for you, any symptoms that she is on her way?------------Still nothing new with me, 4dpo and waiting. Well girls look forward to catching up again soon, Take care. Kylie


leila01 - October 3

Hi everyone, Is anyone else TTC on Clomid this month? I started this month 25mg (3-7), for LPD. Hoping that was enough however I ovulate on my own already( just not well) and I'm only 55 Kg so fingers crossed.I'm on CD15 today and ovulated 2 days ago. Hardly any side effects apart from slight dizziness and headache once or twice. Goodluck with the BFP everyone


Allison35 - October 3

No symptoms, yet. I started my new job today. I am a special ed. parapro at one of the local high schools. Great job, less stress, so maybe this will make a difference in the ttc. Allison


kiza - October 4

Hi girls, how is everyone? Welcome Leila and hopefully the clomid works for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you still Allison. FF keeps changing my O date so now they are saying 4dpo but originally it was 6dpo which I think is more correct. But you can't argue with computers. Take care everyone and will catch up later. Kylie


islandfever - October 5

Sorry everyone...I have been MIA lately.... Well I did end up mc'ing. It was very heavy and not fun! I ended on Monday....so today is CD10 for me. ***Should I count this as a cycle though?*** My DR said I could but said I shouldnt BD for 2 weeks - yah right! I couldnt help it so we did 2 nights ago. I am not getting my hopes up for anything, but am kinda hoping it happens again for us. My DR said he wants to putme on 100mg next round, but I think I might wait another cycle. I also want him to put me on some progesterone pills to help with that, since my level was only a 5.5 when I went to the DR. Thats it for now, I will write again later -Amanda


kiza - October 6

Amanda, I am so very sorry for your loss, unfortunately I think that is one of the s/e of clomid ( increased risk of m/c ), please know that my thoughts are with you and your partner. If you feel the need to wait a cycle before upping your dose then that is what you should do, sorry I'm not up with any info on the progesterone levels so I can't give advice but that level is really low. I really hope things work out for you, and I hope you will keep us posted on your progress, take care of yourself.------------Lucy,Jess,Allison,Kasey, Bev,Leila, I hope all you ladies are well. What's happening with all you guys? Need some more updates please. I'm still confused as to my O date it has been changed yet again, so I'm just going by my body signs and that would make me 7dpo, one week down one to go. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Kylie


islandfever - October 6

Thank you Kylie.....I am doing good now...I was upset for about 2 days, but I have accepted it...I am really OK with this....I know there is a reason for everything..and my partner calls this our practice run =) Thanks for thinking of me =) I wish you luck for this last week of waiting and hope you get a posi out of it =) I will update more later.... -Amanda


blanketsandbottles - October 6

Hey Girls!!! Amanda...So sorry to hear that yoy m/c'd. I am keeping you in my prayers. I wish you the best for you! Anyway... Today is cd12 for me and I have an appt with the doc Sunday morning at 7:30. So, we'll see what happens! Hope all is well with everyone else! Talk to you guys later! Jess


Allison35 - October 7

I am so sorry, Amanda. You are in my thoughts and prays. Day 30, no sign of af.



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