Welcome!!! TTC on Clomid part 3
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kiza - November 17

Hey girls I hope you all find it. Have a great weekend. Kylie


kiza - November 20

Hey girls, where is everyone?


Tenk - November 20

Hi Kiza, thanks for the new thread...makes it much easier to get to that's for sure. Um, as far as symptoms just before my BFP, I only felt extremely tired by lunch, and really hungry. No other real symptoms...well I was very weapy, I cried at the Santa Claus 3 the other day, and I was very clingy with DH for the last few days. I hope it works for all you guys too. Question, I know clomid only increases your chances of twins about 10%, but if you O on your own already, and then add the clomid, do you think it's higher?


kiza - November 20

Hey Tenk, I took clomid cd5-9 50mg and got a BFP my first month. I O most months on my own, but I have a blocked tube and was perscribed clomid to help ttc, anyways I ended up with beautiful boy / girl twins, they are nearly 5 now. I think I read you were taking 100mg so you never know, there could be more than one in there. Twins is a real blessing, can be hard work sometimes but overall it's great. Let us know as soon as you have a scan. I was 8 weeks at my first scan and you could spot them easily. Take care. Kylie


Tenk - November 20

YAY Kylie!!! I love hearing that....so b/c you O'd on your own already but had a blocked tube you got clomid anyway...that's so exciting...we would love to have twins and the just be done having kids....we have 3 now and love them to pieces...want 2 more and twins would be the perfect solution to that. Thanks,,,,I'll keep you informed.


tonyaandjoe - November 21

i had to have my tubes reversed and i am on 100mg of clomid. he told me that my chances having twins was 1 in 10.but this is my 2 round of clomid and i to take mine in cd 5-9 do you have any words that will help me.


summerlover - November 21

Hi every one, How are you all doing? Kiza I missed talking with you, I am glad I found you again. Hope you and your family are well. I have stopped taking clomid, it really messed up me up. So today I started femera? (spelling) Can I still be apart of the clomid group?
Tonyaandjoe, I had my t.r .in may. I wish you luck. My dr. could only fix one tube. Hope to hear from you soon


kiza - November 21

Hey girls, great to hear from you all. Tenk I also have 3 and would love to have at least 1 more. Hopefully things go my way and I'll get a BFP sooner rather than later.-----------tonyaandjoe, I wish you the very best of luck. My best friend also was on 100mg cd5-9 and she too ended up with twins, she was actually on clomid for quite a few months before that happened for her so don't lose hope.-------------YAH! Bev, great to hear from you, and of course you can still be on here, who cares how we are ttc, it's just great to have people to chat to. I'm actually having this month off of clomid myself. I have taken it for the last 5 months with no success, so I thought nows as good as time as any to have a break. Still ttc though, I have a doctors appiontment on the 6th of Dec with my Ob/Gyn, so hopefully we can work out our next plan of action. You'll have to let me know how you get on with the Femara, I have heard it works well with much less s/e than the clomid. Gosh it would be wonderful for you to get a BFP. Don't be a stranger in future, I'm always around somewhere. Anyway girls, having a right thunder and lightning storm here at the moment, so I'm going to stick my head outside and have a quick peek. Take care girls. Kylie


kiza - November 22

Hey girls, how is everyone? I hope you are all well. Nothing new with me just popping in to say HI!. Take care. Kylie


Allison35 - November 22

Hi everyone!! Just checking in and to say Happy Thanksgiving.


tonyaandjoe - November 24

i started to taking mine today and i can't wait till next month when they tested me hopefully they will say congrats your pregnent. that would be great.i would love to have twins how old was your best friend.


kiza - November 24

My best friend was 28 when she had her twins. I was 29 when I had mine. Cd13 for me and just waiting. Have a great weekend everyone. Kylie


blanketsandbottles - November 29

Hi Ladies! I know that its been forever since I've checked in but our family has been going through some really rough times. We had a cousin suddenly drop dead of a heart attack and an uncle that has been in the hospital for the past month on and off and is now on a morphine drip. Needless to say, things have been really hecktick! I hope that everyone is well. I do have some news on me...today is cd20 and I actutally had a follie growing last friday!!!! Finally after one year of nothing I had a mature follie! I went to the doctor last wednesday for my cd14 u/s and I had three follies...one almost 12, one good 12, and one good 13. I went back friday, and the good 13 had grown to 21.9!!! The doctors office gave me my hcg injection and now I am just waiting! I go in on the 4th to have bloodwork done. Oh...and my estrogen level was 296! Which is great!!! Sorry I dissappeared for so long! Hope to talk to you girls soon! Jess


kiza - November 29

Jes, so sorry to hear of all your family troubles. Life can throw real curve balls sometimes. I do hope your uncle recovers. Fantastic news about your follie. Hopefully the trigger shot will do the trick and you will have your BFP before you know it. Please keep us updated, when you get the chance. 3dpo for me and just waiting. I've got an appointment with my Gynea, on wed 6th of dec. Hopefully she will be able to do something. I'm having my cd21 bloods done in a couple of days, so it will be interesting to see what they show. I'm not doing clomid this month, I thought I would just give my body a rest, so I'm dying to go to my dr's and see what she has to say. I have been in such a bad mood the last few days, I don't know whats wrong with me, everyone at the moment seems to be shitting me off. Poor DH can't even breathe without me going off my head lol. Any way, hello to everyone else, it has gone really quiet on here lately. I do hope you are all well and fit. Take care of yourselves. Kylie


summerlover1 - November 29

Hey Everyone, How are all of you? I have been reading your posts, but have not been able to talk because I could not sign on. It was making me crazy. I had to register under a new name, at firts that wouldn't work, but today it did. Wheww. Blankets, sorry to hear about all the things going on with your family, you are in my prayers. Glad to hear about you lovely follicles. Kiza, how are you doing? Maybe being a little cranky is a good sign. The last time we spoke I started on the femera, I feel so much better on this med. I went for my ultrasound on Monday to see how things were going and I had 2 big follicles. Of course they were on the left side, and I need the right. Anyway they phoned the dr. and I had to go for a trigger shot right away. The dr. told me that even if we ovulate from the left, if only decreases our chances by 30%. So I still have my fingers crossed. I go today for another ultrasoud to see if I have ovulated. I need that 30% and all the luck I can get.
Anyway enough about me, I can't wait to hear from all of you
talk to you soon


britneyhayden - November 29

Hi ladies I hope you don't mind me joining in I start clomid 100mg days 3-7 as soon as af decides to show up plus im also on avandia 8mg for pcos. Really hoping an praying the two will finally get us pregnant after 2 years. Good luck ladies I will keep you in my prayers! I have a question do all of your doctors monitor your by ultrasound my doctor isnt planing on it just by blood work to see if i did ovulate. Maybe I should ask? Anyways thanks for any input ladies.


NellyD - November 29

Hello All, I will be starting clomid for the first time today (CD 3-7 100mg). I have been trying for about a year on my own with no result because i have a hormone imbalance and not ovulating. So im hoping that the clomid works for me on the first time around. This will be my first baby and really looking forward to it. Just needed some support. Good luck to everyone--Babydust!



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