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blanketsandbottles - July 15

Hi Everyone! Just thought I would try to start a new thread for any ladies out there in situtations similar to mine. DH and I have been TTC for the past 8mo. The first 6 of those months, I was not ovulating. DH has had a SA done, and everything is normal. I took my first round of clomid 50mg last month. Not only did I not get pregnant, I didn't even ovulate. I know that that is not all that uncommon, but it is still so frustrating!!! My OB has not put me back on another round of progesterone supplements to make me have another cycle. When AF shows, I have to go in to have a pelvic exam. Then OB says the next step is to try clomid again. This time he plans to bump me to 100mg. I never thought that getting pregnant was going to be so hard. DH is as supportive as he can be, but its not the same as talking to ladies who really know how I feel. BABY DUST TO ALL:):):):):)


kiza - July 16

Hi, thought I would join in, I have a 6yrold dd conceived naturally, 4 yrold boy/girl twins conceived with clomid 50mg first cycle. I had a dd in 2004 stillborn at 19 weeks conceived naturally, then two early m/c both conceived naturally, then in may 2006 a ds born at 22 weeks due to serious birth defects, he only lived for 7 hours and he was conceived on my second cycle of 50 mg of clomid. My doc puts me on clomid because of the length of time it takes me to conceive and he wasn't sure if I O'ed every month or not. I have just finished another cycle of clomid this month with AF showing up this morning. I usually take it cd 5-9 but that usually makes me a week longer with my cycles than normal, so I think I might try cd 3-7 this month. What cd do you take yours on?


blanketsandbottles - July 16

Hi Kiza! I have only taken clomid the one time, last month. I took it on cd3-7. It was only 50mg and I did not ovulate. I am currently back on the pregesterone supplements to enduce another cycle so that I can start taking clomid 100mg. Have you ever taken more than 50mg?


soimpatient - July 16

Oh Blanketsandbottles...I thought I was reading my own story!! I took my first cycle of clomid cd5-9 50mg last month and I did not ovulate! I was so heartbroken! I thought that the clomid would work! Anyway, my doc gave me provera to induce AF...7 days after my last dose I got AF. I am now on my cd5 and I started taking clomid again...100mg. DH & I have been TTC for 11 months now. We have a clomid club thread in the "signs of pregnancy" board and it is great! The girls are really supportive and it is nice to chat/vent with girls who know how you feel.


kiza - July 16

Yes I am actually on 100mg now with no side affects, so hopefully this will be the month. I have done some more research and I'm actually going to try cd 1-5 this month. Have a great day.


blanketsandbottles - July 17

Soimpatient... Welcome! I hope you stay with us. It is so great to talk to others that are in a similar situtation as mine. You ladies know how I feel and its nice to be able to talk to you all and not be judged! Did your OB do a pelvic exam before he/she upped you mg? I was so disappointed when mine gave me the results of my bloodwork. I came home and told my DH and he just held me while I cried. Sometimes I feel like I am being punished for something that I didn't even know that I did. Good Luck with the higher dosage and keep us posted! Kiza... I didn't have any side affects on the 50mg last month. I guess I'll see what happens on the 100mg. At this point I will deal with any number of side affects to have a healthy baby. I meant to tell you on my last post... Sorry about the m/c's and the stillborn, and the DS that you lost. It takes a strong woman to go through all of that. I hope and pray that you will have a happy healthy baby soon! Are you going to an OB or are you taking the clomid on your own? I did not know b/c of the research you said that you were doing. Well, Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!! We all want BFP this month!!!!!!


soimpatient - July 17

Kiza, I am also sorry for your loss...Honestly, I do not think that I could be as strong as you. I hope that things work out for you soon. Blankets and bottles, my doc did not do a pelvic exam before he upped my dose...he looked at my BBT chart and that was enough for him. I also feel like I'm being punished and it sucks because nobody in my "real life" understands. I don't even think that my DH understands the same way I do, although he tries:) Last month (my first clomid cycle) I had horrible hot flashes, I was a little bit more emotional and I gained 7 pounds! Well, I'm on cd6 and really trying not to gain anymore weight. The hot flashes I can deal with but the weight thing is stressing me out.


kiza - July 17

Hey girls, thankyou both for your kind words. I actually work for a doctor so I get all my info from there, plus my scripts. It was just a lot quicker than going to OB appointments and having a bucket load of tests done. I have had it all done before, so I just wanted to get right to the ttc part. Good luck with the 100mg this month, I am cd2 now and am on day 2 of clomid 100mg. I too usually get the hot flushes and sometimes wicked headaches, I can't say I have noticed weight gain, and yeh I probably was a little more emotional than normal when I think about it. LOL. Well have a good night girls, I'm off to get some sleep,and will chat tomorrow.


LB - July 17

Hi ladies, can i butt in? i am 29 and am going to be on my 4th cycle of clomid, today is 15 dpo and neg preg tests so i am waiting for af and going to be doing another round of clomid. Kiza i too am thinking of starting clomid 1-5 in hopes of concieving. I had a stillbirth last year, my son was born at 24 weeks due to preterm labour after a normal pregnancy and he was concieved naturally. I have been trying ever since and just recently diagnosed with pcos and hoping clomid will do the trick but not so sure, my doctor wants me to try for another 3 months and then we will try something different perhaps an IUI. Blanketsandbottles, i did not ovulate on 50mg either, i do believe that a large percentage of women do not ovulate on that dose and the ones that do usually ovulated on their own to begin with. 100 mg did the trick for me, but i must say i had a lot less side effects on 100mg than on 50mg but i ovulated really late on 100mg like cd20. When do you test? Clomid does wierd stuff to you, when i wasn't on clomid my leuteal phase was always 14 days now that i am on clomid my leautal phase is 17 days, that is so excrutating long. Do any of you ladies keep a calender? you should see mine! yikes so many codes and abbreviations poor dh has started his own calender so he can actually see the date! Soimpatient, i hear you about the weight gain thing, i just keep telling myself that it is just water, and for the most part it is. clomid makes you feel bloated all the time, so by the time my af shows up i am sad but grateful because at least then the bloated belly goes down. It does feel like your body is betraying you but believe me we would do anything to have a healthy baby, even if it means risking preterm labour again in my case, but my doctor is hopeful my next pregnancy round because he is going to monitor me weekly, which will ease my mind because i wasn't taken too seriously my last pregnancy when i was having pains (with another doctor) not my current obgyn., Well hoping for bfp's for all of us! check in soon.


Sweetpea - July 17

I'd like to join in. I'm TTC #1 and I'm on my second round of clomid (50 mgs), first cycle I did days 3-7, but I think I got mixed up and took it 2-6, I actually O'd and on CD11. This month the doctor put me on 50mgs 4-8, I hope it doesn't lengthen my cycle much more that O on CD14. I had headaches the first month, this cycle so far I had a single headache and possibly a couple of hot flashes, but it's hard to tell because it's summer. Does anyone have any expierience with the clearblue fertility monitor? I thought that it was suppose to give you highs until you get your peak, I've had three lows and now I'm paranoid I won't O on this cycle...


blanketsandbottles - July 18

Hi Ladies! I am so glad to see that so many of you are deciding to join in! The more the merrier! Kiza... That is so good that you work for a doc and can get him to get you the meds! I work at a vet clinic and I don't think that the injections to make a mare ovulate will work on me!!! Ha! How is the clomid going? Hope all is well and not too many side affects! Soimpatient... I am really dreading the exam while AF is in town! That is just gross!!!!!!! But I don't and have never charted my temps so I guess thats why. But he has never asked me either. Don't worry about the weight gain! Anything to have a baby right?! Besides I have always that once you start breast feeding that the weight comes off sooooo fast! LB... thanks for joining! Sorry to hear about your DS. Just have faith that the meds will work and you will have that healthy baby you are wanting so bad! Glad to hear that you got a doc that listens to you and takes your needs more seriously this time! After all we are going through, the last thing we need is a doc that dosen't listen to us! Good Luck! Sweatpea... try not to stress to much about Oing. The stress can have an effect on your body too. I know how hard it is to do that but we all have to try. I have read alot about the CBFM, but haven't actutally tried it myself. If things don't work out this month, I think I will make that investment! Anything that helps right?! Well Good Luck To All! Talk to you Ladies later!


kiza - July 18

Hey girls, welcome newbies, I'm glad you joined. I have never charted my temps either, and until finding this site I never really had any idea about CM and all that stuff. Still have no idea how long my luetal phase is or anything. I bought myself a saliva scope to help predicit O'ing, it worked great last month, but I'm finding I have some ferning already this month and I'm only cd3. Last month I was cd16 before I noticed any ferns. I know that it does say that some fertility drugs can affect your result so perhaps that is what's happening. I have been pretty good as far as side affects go this cycle. Fingers crossed it stays good. I also take mine at night before I go to bed, so maybe I sleep through the side affects. Well I hope everyone has a great day and I will chat later.


Sweetpea - July 18

Temping is a huge pain in the butt, but I'm glad I did it again becuase my fertility monitor wasn't doing the job so now I use both methods. Has anyone had weird dreams while on clomid? Last night was pill 4 and I've had weird dreams for three nights now. How's everyone else doing?


blanketsandbottles - July 19

Hey Girls! Today wasn't so good for me. I was off today like every Tuesday. Just around the house doing those "wifely duties"! Every channel on the T.V. they were birthing babies! I even tried to turn on the radio and just listen to that, but every song seemed to be about children!!!! Anyway...Thanks for letting me get that out of my system! How is everyone? I took the 6th pill of the progesterone supplements tonight. Only 4 more to go! Then the dreaded visit to the OB for the exam! But I will get the clomid refilled then! I wish I could fast foward to that!!! Hey if I am gonna fast forward I might as well go until I see a BFP!!! Wish life worked that way!!! So, how is everyone else? Hope all is well. BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!


Angel07 - July 19

Hi ladies, I am new here & hope I can join in. I haven't started on Clomid yet, but will be soon. I went to doc today for late af where he discovered 2 cysts. He says that once I they disappear (hopefully on their own to avoid a laparoscopy) I should start on Clomid. My questions are: Do you start on Clomid during your af & also do you only take it for a few days?? I am not very clued up on this & any help would be greatly appreciated...


Sweetpea - July 19

blankets-I hate seeing those shows when I'm in a depressed mood, it gets me down. Angel-You only take the pills for 5 days (unless for some reason your doctor has you take them more, but very rare). You will probably take them from 5-9 or 3-7 (day one being the first day of your period). Hope that helps!


LB - July 20

Hi ladies, well today is cd1 for me AF showed just on schedual. 17 day leutal phase, clomid makes my cycles so long. Angel, welcome! this is my 4th round of clomid, let me tell you how i found it, i took 50mg and didn't ovulate, next month took clomid 3-7 100mg and did ovulate but late, cd20. Decided to try 2-6 next month 100mg, ovulated earlier on cd17 but still not pregnant. This month i am trying it on 1-5 i know that isn't common but with my long cycles i think it is worth a shot., i will let you know what happens. The thing i find with clomid is that i get a lot of hot flashes on it ,and headaches it is not that bad though, i take it at night so that the side effects arn't as bad. Well ladies i will check in soon!



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