weird tummy or ovulation confussed as hell..
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HotRodGurl - November 17

Ok, I was on meds for about a month or two (metformin and one round of clomid) back in Sept. I was off the metformin after the 1st or 2nd week of sept. Nothing major happened just weird sharp pains and almost normal feelings and then it went away for Oct. then on the 21st or oct. I had af so i was on the 21st only last 2 days and it was med. to light. After that nothing...up until now I'm starting to get sharp pains in mostly my left breasts, and I'm starting to barely cramp just weird butterfly feelings deep down inside my stomach...I ahve also for the past few days been very emotional especially crying...and for the past week or two I've been itching down there usually in the same spot and only at nights...not everyday but almost. I bought otc cream for it it seems to work for a little while. I read some women get yeast infections only when they get pregnant. I took three pg two nights ago, another the next morning, and one this morning all neg. but, i think the 1st one is neg because i didn't pee on it enough so i thought, the second and third one maybe neg because i have semen in my urine cause i did it the morning after dh and i bd'ed and i didn't go pee afterwards i just slept in. my ob/gyn doesn't wanna see me again until 6 months unless i get pg before hand but wants me to see a fertility specialist but, dh and i can't afford it. But, I think I had those two days of bleeding without the help of meds maybe I can ovulate and have another af without the help...I'm very irregular...and I don't wanna buy ovulation strips because one they cost around 30 bucks for only 7 and my luck what if they all come out neg. then i have to buy's like almost a waste of good x-mas money you know? DH hasn't been tested on his semen count or anything but, we are assuming he's fine. So, what do you guys/gals think? any suggestions or comments is helpful! thanks!


your post is too long - November 20



bj - November 22

Have you been checked to see if your tubes are blocked? Also, with your periods being irregular, do you usually have pretty bad cramps? Just asking because that could be a sign of endometriosis. Only good news about that, is that it is a medical condition and should be covered by your insurance (if you have it) Worth checking into.



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