weird reading on CBE Fertility Monitor
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Jen - October 2

I've been using the monitor for about 4 months now, got a good deal on ebay. However, I am confused by recent results. The first month showed many "high" days, as is normal when its getting to know you. Second month I used it, showed low then high, peak, etc. we conceived but miscarried right away. Third month didn't show any peak (egg) -- so maybe no ovulation??? Then, this month I am in day 15 with still a low reading. Normally by about day 8 or 9 it should have shown a "high" reading if I was on cycle, right? Could it be possible that I am already pregnant (my breast are aching) but the ept comes back negative? Would already being pregnant account for no variation in the reading on the test sticks? Any help would be great.



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