Weird period
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sqeekers - March 28

I have PCOS and am having the strangest AF I have ever had. It started last Wednesday, and is still going on today. The thing is it has only been spotting. I haven't bled enough to use a pad or tampon in a week. The cramps are horrible, and I am sick to my stomach almost constantly. Anyone else with PCOS ever had a period like this? I should also mention that this is the first AF I have had since last summer. I was expecting it to come this month since I ovulated several weeks ago. I was just expecting the normal super heavy flow I always get when I miss so many months. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Jaqi - March 28

It could be because it's been a while since you had it or it's doing what it does best.....act weird! PCOS is really weird and does weird things. They say I might have it, but I have not experienced that yet. Call your doc or see what you can find on the net. Sometimes, some of the hospitals have nurse info lines you can call and ask questions! Good luck and hope you feel well soon!


sqeekers - March 28

This is getting really confusing. Bleeding has turned from pale pink to medium red, but still isn't heavy enough for tampon or pad. Also, when do I need to start counting my cycle, last week when this started or today since its finally red and not pink?



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