Weird pains and missed periods.
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APRIL - June 14

Ok, I've been reading everyones posts and decided to tell my story to see if anyone can relate. First i must say i have a healthy 4 year old and had no problems with that pregnancy, i wasnt on BC after, and i didnt breast feed. I actually got prego with her only 2 weeks after trying to get prego. :) But about a year ago i started missing periods and i wasnt sexualy active. In total i believe i missed about a year then all the sudden i got a period on April 22nd 06. It was a bit heavy and clotty but i figured it was build up from the year. Now i havnt had a period since and i am sexauly active and HPT are negative. Occasionally i do have very short sharp pains in my abdomen on the right side is i stand to quickly or stretch. If anyone has any advice please let me know. thanks. Also i dont have insurance right now and i can find a doc that will accept cash or payments for a 1 time visit.



slowpoke01 - June 16

it sounds like maybe pcos or something like that but if i were you i would go to a dr and have bloodwork or tests run to be sure i have read on here about alot of women with pcos and stuff like that that miss periods long long periods of time so you may want to check into that



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