Weird ovulation stick test question
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Sue - October 4

I have been using stick tests for about 8 cycles. My cycles are usually 2 or 3 days different each month. Based on last months cycle I should have o'd 10/3. I started testing on 9/26. I have had pos results for the last 3 nights which has never happened before. I don't usually have any other indications of o but today I have experienced period like pain all afternoon. Does it sound like I o'd today? Can you o twice in one cycle? I am confused.


d - October 4

i find that happens to me too. I get a similar pain when i O. so i would say yes you are o'ing today because that has happend to me.


d - October 4

and someone my husband and i always miss.


Sue - October 5

Thanks D. I tested again tonight and got a neg so my hormones have obviously come down.


Toni - October 5

I read that you can release more than one egg per cycle. And if you do, it's within 24 hrs.


Sue - October 6

Thanks Toni, we have been trying for 21 months now and had a mc in June, it would be a very nice surprise if we fell pregnant with twins.


d - October 6

i thought we missed it this month. not sure. I guess we will find out... says i ovul at the right time but somehow i think i may not have..


Sue - October 8

Good luck to you D :-)



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