weird levels/weird results ne1 else?
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magwantsbaby - May 9

Well I have been TTC for 15 months, I started seeing a FS in April. My periods are very off ne where from 15days-79days. Dr says prob don't ovulate. They called however last week and said Prog. Levels very high Preg test came back -. I went for HSG test on Monday CD 11 everything fine. Is ne1 else in this boat? Can you get pregnant if your Progesterone levels are high?? Did en1 get pregnant after the HSG test, my Dr. seems to tell me nothing.


erika62897 - May 13

Magwantsbaby...I know a lot of women on this site that got pregnant right after their HSG. When the HSG is done, if there is any blockage, it will usually clear it all out. Because of that, many women get pg right after HSG. I, unfortunately, did not...and I'm still working on it. As for the irregular periods and ovulation issues, I don't seem to have any problems in that area...but there are tons of wonderful ladies here that will be able to help answer your questions and help offer advice and suggestions. Good Luck!!!



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