Weird BBT
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Nikki - March 27

I've been charting my temps this cycle, but I am still unsure if I even ovulated. Up until cd 22 I was between 97.1 and 97.6, but then it switched and it was 97.8, 97.5, 97.9 and so on. But now, at what should be 7 DPO, I am down to 97.2 again. Is this just a normal dip, or is it likely that I didn't ovulate at all?
It seems like the change in my temps to begin with was a little low, but and I agreed that it probably meant ovulation, but now I doubt it.
I just feel like there isn't a single thing about me that is working the way it should - esp. not my reproductive parts!


Lilu - March 27

hmmm?? I don't know. How long have u been charting? In previous charts after O is ur temps averaging 97.9ish? On my charts, before O, I average 97.7ish then after O I average 98.6ish. If 97.9ish is what ur temp averaging after O, since you think ur 7dpo, it could be an implantation dip!


kelley32 - March 27

How was your CM during the time leading up to when you think you O'd? I just started charting this month, and I'm finding it pretty confusing, I should be ovulating today or tomorrow, but EWCM has come to a complete stop this morning, and no temp. rise it seems. I understand your feeling of nothing working as it should, I have days like that too. Did you use an OPK?


Nikki - March 27

Thanks for your answers. I just started this month, because my periods started getting more and more irregular. My CM actually acted pretty much as it should, EWCM for about a week before I think I ovulated, and then it dried up like the day before my temps "went up."
Lilu, I wish my temps would be as normal as yours, but mine hasn't changed that much. I know its my first cycle with the charts, so I probably just need to be patient. But its so hard to do when it comes to TTC. Today I am baby sitting my cousins boy, he is 7 months old, and it makes my whole situation even more sad. He is just such a cute boy!
Kelley, are you charting on fertility-friend? Because I've been looking at the chart gallery, and there are many charts where the womans cm dried up a few days before the temps went up. I don't know, since I am new myself, and the CM part seems very confusing to me. But if you've only just dried up this morning, your temp might rise tomorrow?
I feel like I am getting so paranoid about my own body, every time I feel ANYTHING I think about what it might mean.
I'm actually really glad that there are places like this on the internet, without you guys I would go insane in a day!


kelley32 - March 27

That's true, I have heard of it sometimes taking a couple of days for temps to go up, but in my case, even the OPK was negative. I guess I'll just hope for the best this month.


Nikki - March 28

Well, I guess this is it for me. Another day and my temp is 97.3 - my regular no-ovulation average. I am very sad, since this would either mean that I didn't ovulate or that AF is coming.


kelley32 - March 28

Aw, Nicki, I'm sorry, isn't it so frustrating, if you're anything like me, I had such high hopes charting this cycle, and now it seems my temp is up, but I never got a +opk ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Sorry, had to get that out :-)
Nicki ... how long is your cycle normally?


Nikki - March 28

Well, I wouldn't give up hope for this cycle if I were you. I've heard that the opks can be unreliable - if your temp is up, and it stays up, that should mean that you have ovulated. Did you bd at the right time? If you did, I wish you good luck.
My average cycle is about 35 days, but I've had 28 day cycles for some time after I went of the the pill (last august), but since december it's been about 40 days. Not a good sign, I know.
I had gotten my hopes up too, just the thought of getting it all "under control." Now I just feel like I've discovered a problem, and I have to wait until my new insurance kicks in before I can even see my doctor. It's very frustrating and one cycle can seem like forever!
Have you and your dh had any tests done yet?



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