weight gain while ttc
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Kat - August 26

This may or may not be common but I have gained 25 pounds over the past year while going through fertility treatments. During that time I also conceived and miscarried at 9 weeks. I am currently taking clomid, estrogen, and progesteron. Among all of the side effects, have any of you experienced the weight gain and fatigue? Is there any type of diet aide that is safe while ttc?


Lena - August 26

I've always watched my diet and have a physical job and I've gained 25 lbs since starting clomid. My fat pants are now snug in the waist. My Dr said its a typical response to clomid and progesterone.


kc - August 26

I have also gained since ttc. I gained 12 lbs in 16 months. Very unusual for me since I have been at the same weight for over 10 years. I am not on any fertility drugs yet, but may be on them in the fall if I do not conceive soon. If you are eating healthy and exercising there is little else you can do to loose weight while ttc. I considered slimfast but am unsure on how safe it is if ttc. If anyone knows of a healthy diet plan, I would also like to know.



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