Weight gain on clomid?
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LCJ - July 7

I'm on my 4th cycle of clomid and I've gained so much weight since I started? Has anyone else? I haven't been eating differently?


soimpatient - July 8

Me, me, me! After one cycle I've gained 7 pounds...it really sucks. How much have you gained?


wannabeamom - July 8

I have also gained weight while on clomid and I don't gain weight ever. I gained 7 pounds also. I stopped taking clomid because I had a large cyst. I lost most of the weight already.


isa - July 8

yes I gained weight on clomid and injectibles. From last June I am up about 13 lbs. I am now off meds and only just now starting to lose it.


LCJ - July 8

Thank goodness, I was starting to think something else was wrong with me! I gain about 1 pound a week if I'm not careful! I'm trying to excerise more and eat smaller meals with the hope that I'll stop going up!


Tracy88 - July 8

I did clomid for three cycles and gained 12 pounds in total. I have since changed my diet and started exercising, and am down 9 out of the 12.


LCJ - July 9

Thats great Tracey88, I hope it works for me too!?



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