we have sex everyday,sometimes 2Xs a day
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Michelle - June 24

And I still got my period, we have unprotected cuz we're ttc, having too much sex lower sperm count? should we try everyother day? Im 21 and I've been trying for 3 mos and still I get my period. i was late 8 days this month, i thought i had plenty of symptoms, took preg test on day 5, neg...
then i got my pd. brown when i wiped then the next day it was dark red, now light red... medium flow so im pretty sure it is my period. But then i hear about women who still had their pds while pregnant? well all my symptoms have gone away... it s just mind games. please give me your opinion if you've been pregnant, how did you conceive? how often did u try?


Amy - June 24

Michelle- I am on my forst month of clomid this month, so my doc has been very involved with our ttc process. He told us to BD everyother day to ensure the best sperm quality. Make sure you BD on O day even if you had sex the day before. Kepp your hips up on a pillow for 30 min after sex to allow the sperm to stay close by the cervix. Chart your temp. if you not alrady and use ovulation tests- to make sure you know exact day of ovulation. Hope some of this helps!!


christina - June 24

we were trying everyday, then we heard try every other day, some times we were so confused and did it a bunch a times a day. now we stopped trying this month cause it was to stressful, wishing you all the best in ttc! baby dust to all.


Drew - June 24

I don't know what to think either!! I read every other day is best, then somewhere else it said every day is ok if dh's sperm count is normal. So this month we just did it every day (and enjoyed it!! :>) ) I guess we'll see how that turned out, though I'm not holding much hope this month. Good luck!!


Michelle - June 27

thank you for the replies! it turned out It was just my af.... well my period is wacko cuz I dont know exactly when I ovulate, thats why I try to do it everydaay.... jan was 29 days, feb 28, mar 26 apr 23, may 24, june 31...... what do you think



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