We have been trying for ages!!!
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Missy - June 30

Well in Mar 2004 i had my implanon contraception removed from my arm and we havnt used any contraception since, the doctors have hold me that the implanon hormone takes about 9 months to be cleared from your system, so if i count from the time we took it out it has been 15 months but if i dont count the 9 months it has been 6 months. I am alittle concerned becuase i have been timing it right and i know that i ovulate. So why arnt we having any luck is there something i am missing i am only young 23, and we are fairly healthy people. Can anyone help!!!


treasurefolk - June 30

Missy, I would not worry, you have to have tried for at least a year to be diagnosed as infertile. I would only count the 6 months since your hormones had to get back to normal. Have you been charting your temperatures? It would really help to see how your cycle is and your luteal phase. Your chart and mucus can tell you if your hormones are back in order. Also, only use lubricant (not oily or with spermicide) that allow the sperm to swim. Do you test your LH surge? I would do that too. Also, many of us have been trying for "ages" which to me means 7 years and I am 32. since you are so young please do not be so worried. You have plenty of time to figure out what is going on and act on it. Sometimes life does not give us everything we desire exactly when we desire it unfortunately. Good luck!



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