We finally did it!!!
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Natasha - July 31

DH and I found out yesterday that we finally did it!! I have been following your forum for about 6 months only posting a couple of times. We have been ttc for 2 years now. After charting for so long I knew I was ovulating but had "unexplained infertility" We were tired of buying internet cheapie opks because I very rarely got a positive reading with them. Same thing with the internet hpts, I do not think they are as sensitive as we are led to believe. Plus they have very bad evap lines. (in my case anyway) Because I knew I was ovulating and I knew from my temps that progesterone levels were ok I was not going to risk my regular cycles by going on fertility meds. I used my CPFM (clearplan fertility monitor) for a year with no luck so I gave up because the stick are expensive. After trying robitussin...preseed...basically everything but drugs my husband bought the ov watch. I had never heard of it but being the couch potato he is after work he saw it on the news and bought it. After only 2 months we are pregnant. I would definitely recommend. it is so easy to use. We were only ttc for 2 years but it felt like forever. I feel for all of you still ttc but especially those of you who have been suffering for years! There were plenty of times I just wanted to give up. I hope that you all get the little miracles you are praying for. and I hope that my little bean is a sticky one. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!


Nancy - July 31

Hi! Natasha...congratulations to you


Ginger - July 31

Whoop! Congrats! HH9M to you!


Lena - July 31

Congratulations on your great news!


kc - July 31

yea!!!! I'm so happy for you. It's good to hear good news for a change. Could you give me more info on ov watch I have never heard of it.


Ann - July 31

Natasha, Congratulations to you!!!! This is wonderful news:0).


Natasha - July 31

Thank you all so much! kc I used the ov watch for 2 months. I started wearing mine on cd 1. it has sensors that come with the kit. or you can buy them seperately. one sensor lasts throughout your cycle because you only wear it until the watch tells you that you are not fertile anymore. it is kinda like the clearblue fertility monitor but you dont have to waste sticks. it tells you when you are not fertile...then fertile...it tells you your ovulation day and you can take it off when you know you ovulated or you can wear it after ovulation and it will tell you that you are less fertile and then it will go back to infertile. when you wear it, it analyzes that little bit of sticky sweat you get around your wrist. my dh bought it off of ovwatch.com. I had never heard of it either. dh said that the story on the news about it was very interesting and after spending so much money on opks and fertility monitor test sticks to no avail he was ready to try something else. I cant say that it will work for everyone but for me it was worth the money. (a little less than 200.00) still a lot of money but not as much as fertility treatments...anyway, good luck to all of you!!!


Mimi - August 1

Congratulations!!!! Thanx for sharing the wonderful news and what worked for u. : ) I had never heard of the OV watch but it is certainly something to look into. Is there a website to order it from?


Natasha - August 1

Thank You Mimi. Yes the website that DH bought the watch off is www.ovwatch.com. I am surprised with my pg symptoms, or should I say "lack of pg symptoms" Ever since we started ttc I have had symptoms that made me think I could be pg. I cant count the times before af that I would spot and pray that it was IB. I haven't felt anything yet. No spotting no cramping no nothing. I don't know if I should be nervous or if I should count my blessings. I have just been feeling kind of blah lately but thats all. The only reason I tested is cuz my temps were still up. I hope I am not jinxing myself! *~*baby dust to all*~*


merlee - August 2

Natasha, That is great news!! Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. And don't be worried, just enjoy it and count your blessings!!



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