was it a miscarriage?
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jessiperth - February 17

this isnt my 1st time on this forum but it is the 1st posting in months. and i know how wonderfully understanding and knowledgable you all are. anyways my question is, ive been ttc for 8months now and last month i was 7 days late. and as my periods are like clockwork and ive never been more than a couple days late i thought i might be pregnant. i tested on my due date but bfn. so i thought id wait a week and test again. but a week later i got a very heavy period and a lot of pressure in my abdomin and pelvis and some sharp pains. the flow was thick and had a few clots (tmi). friends told me it was possibly a m/c. i havent been able to make it to the doctors to have in confirmed. and im afraid its now too late to find out. anyone have any input? thanx ladies


KBinParis - February 17

Hi Jessie, if you did a hpt on your due date and got a bfn I'd be inclined to say that you weren't pregnant. I had a similar incident last year. I always had a very regular period. Every 28 days without fail AF would arrive. Once though, after a course of Clomid (stimulation drug) my period arrived close to a week late. I was mystified because I did a few hpts and they were all negative yet there was no sign of AF. I don't remember if the flow or cramps were intense when they arrived. So if you took stims this month in order to get pregnant, its very possible that they messed with your cycle. Even if you took stims a few months ago, they could still mess with your cycle. If you haven't taken anything, well, then I have no idea what caused the delay. Anyhow, I'm 3 months pregnant now on my 1st attempt with IVF so I'd say keep trying, you'll get there in the end. All the very best of luck! KB


jessiperth - February 17

thanx for the feedback and support KBin. i havent taken any stimms and havent any issues with my repo system. i have a 6yr old so i also know im capable. im dumbfounded as to why i was so late.



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