Was I pregnant or not?
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confused.com - January 10

In the past few weeks me and my partner have been discussing our plans for the future and obviously children came up. My mum pointed out that am o rh negative in my blood type and this can mean a baby can be rejected by my body and i could miscarry. As my partner is o positive.

However this led me to do some research and I was intrigued as I did not know any of this.

A few months ago I started bleeding quite heavily and thought it was a period with bad cramps. However, as nasty as this sounds, on one of my tampac was a white looking sack, about3-4cm with a kind of black ball in it. It had a strong skin around it which could not be pierced and was not discharge.

Could this have been a miscarriage? I want to ask my doctor to see if I need to get the necessary injection so this does not happen again but I absolutely hate confrontations like this with his as he is male an am very shy.

Can anyone shed some light on this??


tk07 - January 10

hi! was your period really late? or did you just have a very light period the month before? because when you miscarry you do pass what looks like tissue, i m/c at 6 weeks and it was maybe 3/4". i had bleeding and really bad cramps too. you really should ask your Dr, they will be able to give you more info. and even if it wasn't a m/c it probably is still something you should ask about. good luck to you!


confused.com - January 10

Thanks... I called the NHS direct on the phone and it was some foreign woman saying not to worry. So I didnt really but it is just after researching my blood type an all that it got me wondering.

My period was quite light and shorter the month before.. when this happened I did have quite bad cramps too..

Thanks for your help xx


star_4_baby - January 10

Confused- this is new to me never heard that you can miscarry because of your blood type.....best is to check with the doctor and if you are not comfortable with the male dr than get yourself a female ....easy.....doc will tell you exectly what it is....take care


slowpoke01 - January 10

confused-it sounds like you could have been pregnant. in aug. i had an ectopic pregnancy and they gave me methotrexate to terminate. after the shot i had really bad cramps and i passed tissue as well. also the sac that you are referring to i have the same thing. when i passed this i knew it was the yolk sac that the docs had been looking for on the ultrasound but they never found it in the uterus so that is how they knew it was ectopic. talk to your doc right away. be sure to ask them about the rh factor causing miscarriage. i do know that my sister in law had to get rhogam shots or however it is spellled both times that she was pregnant because she was rh- and her hubby was rh+ and they had to give her the shot to keep her body from fighting the baby. so yes rh factor is very important. find you a doctor that you are comfortable with and talk to them about it. good luck



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