Wanting to get pregnant
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acherry - April 26

Hi, I got off birthcontrol pills in Nov, 05 and I have been using family planning kit to estimate my ovaluation dates. I can't say that I have a regular cycle. My question is, if the ovaluation test is positive, and if we have intercourse during that period and yet still not getting pregnant, does that mean that there's something wrong with my body and I might be infertile?
I am turning 30 this year.


tonia - April 26

Acherry, it does not mean you are infertile. Do you get positive OPK's? Has your husband had a semen analysis done?


slowpoke01 - April 26

you should wait until you have been trying to get pregnant for at least 6 months with no results and then go talk to your doctor about it and maybe talk to a fertility specialist



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