wanting to get pregnant
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Sarah Morgan - April 26

I just got the Depo Vera shot a week ago but now me and my husband want to try to have a kid now, what do I do?


o boy - May 3

u r just sol


Milissa - May 3

Your sol is right....it takes sometimes up to 2 years to get that out of the body....you might want to talk to your doctor maybe they have something???


Heather - May 3

I don't want to freak you out but I have heard of many women who have serious problems from the depo. Weight problems (can't loose ANY) as well as infertility trouble. I had one friend who was on the depo for a while & ended up going into early menopause at the age of 36! Talk to your dr. There may be something to reverse it. Good luck!


becky - June 21

oh no do you think i could have problems with gettin pregnant i was on the shot for just 3 months? i am worry now



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