Wanted to share my news with you all......
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Marie6549 - December 5

Me and dh have been ttc for nearly 4 years and am pleased to announce that I am 7 weeks 3 days pregnant! I have been using this forum for support and advice on and off for the past 3 years and just wanted to say, don't give up as all good things truely do happen to those who wait. So far I have had 2 scans, one at 5w 5d and we saw the sac, then again today and saw my little bubba. Throwing all my preggo hormones and wishes your way - good luck x x x


cspears99 - December 5

Congratulations!!!! how did it finally happen, were you using any meds?? I wish you the best we have been ttc for over 2 years now, and this forum is the best place!! well best wishes!! :-)


Marie6549 - December 5

I've been using Clomid for the past 2 years really as I generally don't ovulate on my own and have maybe 1 or 2 periods a year. The only thing different this month was that we were relaxed about it. Before it would really annoy me because it's so easy for people to say relax and don't think about it, but when your having to take meds on specific days, blood tests and scans how can you forget?? Well this month we booked a holiday for next August to Mexico, didn't have blood tests or scan as we were so busy. Made sure we made time for ourselves to enjoy bd'ing and it just happened. It's taken us 3 years and 11 months of trying, but it has been worth it! lol!


lovemy3 - December 5



tonyaandjoe - December 5

congrats to you.


Prisoner_of_Hope - December 6

congratulations, marie!!!


star_4_baby - December 6

A very big congratulations to you ....have a healthy pregnancy.....me and my hubby ttc recently bit of complication but have high hopes......


slowpoke01 - December 6

congrats to you marie



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