Want to introduce myself and ask a question.
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babijn - July 13

Hi everyone, I've been reading a lot from this forum without ever posting, but now I'm very confused and desperately seeking answers.
My husband and I have been trying for #2 for the past 2 years with no success.
Just last week my dr. told me that I have signs of insulin resistance and that my husband has poor sperm morphology, meaning his sperm is not shaped well.
My question is: are there any ladies on here that have been able to get pregnant under the same circumstances as me? And if so, what treatment did you and your partner follow?


Mega - July 13

Hi Babijin--Welcome! I'm actually in a similar situation so that's why I wanted to respond. I've been TTC #1 for 2 years myself & I have PCOS and DH has extremely low morphology. For your IR, has the dr tried Metformin or Glucophage? It's a diabetic drug but is also very helpful for women with IR &/or PCOS. It also can help regulate O, & lower the risk of m/c. Are you seeing a RE yet? Or just a regular OB? If you aren't working with a RE yet I'd highly suggest that. What % morphology does your DH have? If it's 3% or less you might want to seriously consider IVF-ICSIs. That's what we're planning to do starting next cycle. But that said, IUI could still be an option too. I've heard of plenty of people in similar situations to yours & mine be told IUI probably wouldn't work for them & voila they get their BFP right away. All it takes is 1 normal shaped, determined spermie! May I ask how you conceived #1? Was it natural or did you get help? If you did use fertility help, what did you do? If nature worked once it could work again. Also morphology numbers change all the time. Last year we were at 5%, in April 0% & in June at 1%, none of these are great #'s but it does show it's ever changing. So I'd recommend your DH get full SA's on a regular basis. I wish I had a success story to share with you, I'm still working on it. But there are lots of options for both issues & no reason why you (& I) can't go ahead and have a litter of kids if we want. So good luck & baby dust to you!


babijn - July 13

Hi Mega, Thanks so much for replying. I will try to answer all your questions.
I went to my regular ObGyn, and now I have an appointment with a RE. I just received the results about a week ago, so no treatment has been given to me yet. I don't know exactly what % morpholgy my husband has, because my dr. did not explain it to me. She just said: 'it's 24, and they like to see it at 30'. So I assume 24%?
I had the 1st. naturally, it took 6 months to conceive him. I've gotten pregnant twice, but both ended in a miscarriage, each a year apart.
I'm hoping that the RE will give us some hope.
I hope you will have a success story soon.


Mega - July 13

I'm glad you got into see a RE & I hope that makes all the difference for you & your DH and you conceive #2 quickly. Yes, it would be my guess that the 24 would be 24%. Different labs have different standards of course, but really 24% if it's indeed a % would still give you a very good shot at conceiving naturally I'd say. And of course a very good shot at suceeding with IUIs. That's still very many normal shaped sperm. Good luck with the RE appt., let me know how it goes. And I'm sorry about the 2 m/cs too.


babijn - July 13

Hey Mega, I read somewhere on this forum that a lady got pregnant after her husband (who had low sperm count and poor morphology) took the following vitamins: GNC Multivitamin and extra L-carnitine and Pycnogenol. Her husband had a test done after taking these for several months and his sperm came back totally normal!!! Her doctor said that he doesn't believe it's the vitamins, but also isn't able to explain the perfect SA test.
I'm going to buy it for my husband. Maybe you can do the same.
Lot's of babydust to you.



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