wanna take clomid unprescribed
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leaha - December 5

hey women, i am 21 yrs old and have been trying to conceive for 6mnth without any luck, i have been having unprotected sex for 8mnth b4 that but my doctor wont lisen til i have been trying for 18mnth..i really want a baby and am thinking about taking clomid unprescribed will someone tell me what days to take it on and the pros and cons i wanna hear both sides of the story


Mega - December 5

I'm sorry that you're having problems conceiving. Believe me, I understand your frustration. But please do NOT take it unprescribed. You need to be monitored on it. It can cause cysts, which can be quite painful. Also, I've heard if you don't need it, it can actually make things worse. In the meantime, there are things you can do yourself. Are you charting? This will make sure you are ovulating on your own. If after 3 mos. of charting (every day at the same time) you don't think you're Ov, then you can take the chart to show your dr who might then prescribe you Clomid after all. I don't see any reason to make you wait 18 mos, but 6 mos. is still early in the whole TTC thing, unless you know there are problems. Maybe after 6 mos, if you don't have any problems Oing, you might want to switch drs. Also, are you using OPKs? That might help too, let you know whether or not you're O-ing. Hang in there. It's tough, I know. I've been TTC for 15 mos, I have PCOS & my DH has morphology. I've been taking Clomid, I am responding to it, but it really affects your mood, & there's an increased risk of ovarian cancer if you take it 3 or more times. For me, I need it for my PCOS, so the benefits outweigh the risk for me. But don't take it unless it's prescribed, please! HTH. I know I didn't say what you wanted to hear, but I feel for your health it's important you know the risks. Good luck.


lor - December 7

leaha dont take it do it natural i have been ttc 7 months


sherry - December 7

i know that feeling. my dr. used to tell me "you are young...what's the rush, be patient", well it ended up taking clomid iui to get pregnant, and i wish ihad a more agressive dr. sooner. if i were you, i would have stretched the truth a bit on how long you were trying. they would stop sending you home with temp. charts and listen to you. i must admit i did do that once, cause i was sick of no action dr.s. good luck. i hope you get that bfp soon.


sherry - December 7

ps- get it prescribed, switch dr.'s if you must, but don't take this med. w/o supervision, cause you gotto be montiored for cysts, and possible over stimulation of your ovaries, which can be very bad. it's more likely you won't have problems, but you should be monitored while taking this rx. i'd move to a new dr.


Nancy - December 7

I think your should listen to your doctor. 8 months isn't a very long time. It may seem like a long time because you are so young, but it's not. Clomid is not a good idea. It makes you super ovulate. You'll start producing 15-40 eggs per month. This can be very dangerous and needs to be monitored by a doctor. You could end up hurting yorself in the long run. Do you know the history of Clomid? It was actually found to help women who did not want to conceive. Doctors aren't even sure WHY or HOW it works. Try taking some evening primrose oil. Try eating healthy foods, exercise, chart your periods. etc. Don't worry!


22 weeks - December 8

Hi, I am a Clomid/charting graduate. I would strongly suggest NOT taking Clomid unprescribed. You wanted both sides, and I'll give you both. Yes, after trying for 5 years I got pregnant third cycle, it is a very helpful drug, for sure. BUT......Mega is very right you should not take it unsupervised. If you already have cysts (which you can have and not know it) it can cause them to rupture, and be potentially lethal. It can CAUSE cysts which can cause even bigger infertility issues. Then there are the headaches. Not all women get them, but a good majority of the ladies I talked to that took it got horrible migranes. I never had one ever in my life before, and my hubby actually had to call an ambulance. I couldn't walk, barely talk, puked like mad and was in sooo much pain. I know you probably say to yourself it won't happen to you but it very well could. I was told it was because of the strong hormones in it. Then you also have to think about your sources. I wouldn't trust anywhere but a pharmacy for any medication simply because you never know if your getting the medication you really want or need. You may get "empty"drugs/placebo's or you may get a drug all right, but not what you expected. If I was you I'd start by charting, using ovulation predictor kits. ect. Make an appt. with your doctor and let him/her know your absolutely serious about this, and if he still blows you off, find someone who will help you. And like one of the other posters said, tell them you have been trying for over 18 mos. with no luck. I really hope you get your bfp, I really do. But PLEASE think before you take this unprescribed. Good luck, hope this helps! :)


Vanessa - December 9

I don't think it's a good idea to lie to your doctor about how long you've been trying to conceive. Doctors are following protocol. You could get yourself into more trouble lying about it. I know women who have been trying for three years and then boom! they get pregnant. (without drugs). So, really don't worry! And don't take anything unprescribed! That's crazy! Yuo could totally hurt yourself!


isa - December 10

Leaha, I was on 2 cyles of clomid (monitored very regularily ) and the clomid thinned my lining both months that I had to be given estrogen to thicken it enough to allow implantation so becareful if you are doing it without a doctor as you may make things worse for yourself. Too thin a lining is very common for clomid users that is one reason they do regular ultrasounds when on meds. I also produced cysts from meds and cannot continue a med cycle until they either shrink or go away altogether. I'd suggest start doing bbt and see if it shows (1) you are ovulating (2) if temps are too high or too low which can suggest estrogen or progesterone problems and use opk's to make sure you are actually bd'ing when you should be. Get a semen test done (they are not too expensive) and make sure his boys are good. If you find temp problems take it to your doc and say you'd like futher investigations done. If they say no then go to another doc but please be careful using unprescirbed meds. It could be hazardous to having a baby.


Sue - December 12

Leah, I saw my Doctor yesterday and he wants to put me on Clomid. He said it needs to be monitored very closely because sometimes it can cause your ovaries to grow 5 times the normal size and he also had one lady take too much so she ended up pregnant with 5 babies which had to be medically reduced to two. Please be careful.



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