wanna join me? ttc for 1st
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Madison - November 15

Now we don't have to wait for our computers to load all that! Mine is slow. Jamie, sorry af came! A silver lining is that your body went through the process on its own and you didnt' have to get your af induced with meds. I don't know about the hsg procedure so maybe you and others could fill me in. Keep your spirits up!! :) How's everyone else doing?


eb - November 15

So, sorry Jamie, I just new it was your month. The hsg is different for everyone. Mine was pretty uncomfortable, but my tubes were blocked and they say that causes more pain, but i would ask re if you can take something before hand for nerves(just to help you relax) they say it's better for the test. The whole thing made me nervous, b/c they wouldn't let dh in b/c of radiation, ect( but i hear some docs and hospitals are diff. ) . It isn't that bad . And lots of people conceive the same month or shortly after, b/c it cleans the tubes out... Still nothing new with me, still scared to test, but know that i want to. Sounds so dumb even as i type it. One more thing Jamie, have it done on a Friday if you can and take teh whole day off, b/c I had cramping off and on the whole day and just didn't feel good. Definetly won't feel up to teaching....


Jamie - November 15

Thanks Madison. You are right about not taking meds to induce my period. It is nice that my body is gotten back on track in that aspect. What is going on with you?


Jamie - November 15

eb - I am actually getting it down next Tuesday and we have the whole week off for Thanksgiving - so it works out nicely. I was told to take advil before I go. I am so hoping that my dh can go in, but I guess we will wait and see. So are you going to test tomorrow?? I hope you get good news!!


eb - November 15

Guess i will test in the am if i don't chicken out. Tomorrow will be cd32 and 14 dpo. So we'll see. Jamie that's a good time to have hsg done. Don't worry too much, it's not that bad but uncomfortable yes. Lucky you out all week. We were supposed to be but we have to go mon and tues to make up hurricane days. YUCK!!! I am way beyond ready for a break. Wish me luck in the am.


Staci - November 16

Bummer Jamie! Hang in there girl! I have been rooting for ya! I thought this first cycle of clomid was a bust, butthen I got the darkest line I have ever gotten with an OPK this afternoon? I am CD 20, which isn't unusual for me. I just thought with clomid you were suppose to ovulate 5-10 days after you last pill and it has been past that!??! Like a week past day 10! Geez, now I am confused again, and have my hopes up a bit! This is all such a roller coaster! Hang in there!


Jamie - November 16

Eb - good luck!! I will be praying for you tonight! Let us know what happens...


Anna - November 16

Oh Jamie! I was so sure this was your month. :( You really sounded pregnant to me. Hang in there girl and don't give up! Good luck with your hsg and don't stress too much about it. You'll do fine and it will be over before you know it. Lots of hugs being sent your way!!! ~~ eb, good luck and loads of *baby dust* for you tomorrow morning! Any of your normal af s/s yet? I really hope you get good news, but if it's neg., don't be discouraged. Just wait a few days and try again if af hasn't come. ~~~ Staci, not sure what to make of the ++ OPK this late in your cycle. Maybe you could ask your md what he thinks?? ~~~ Madison, thanks for starting this new thread! It was taking my slow computer forever to load everything, also! ~~~ Baby and I are doing fine. It's crazy what your belly button does when your PG! Mine went deep & hollow and now it's popping out slowly. It's almost flush with my skin. I'm really feeling my stomach being squished when I eat. And I have to pee so much sometimes! I slept like 6-7 hours in a row the last two nights and woke up both mornings with my entire belly hard and hurting, because my bladder was full and pushing everything up even more. Very uncomfortable! My big 20 week appt. is Dec. 2nd, but were not finding out the sex. It's going to be a surprise! ~~~ Good night and sweet dreams to you girls! **baby dust**


JND - November 16

Hey girls....found the new thread. Jaime, so sorry about AF showing up, all of your s/s sounded so + to me. Keep + don't ever give up, IT IS GONNA HAPPEN TO ALL OF US IT'S JUST A MATTER OF WHEN! Eb, good luck tomorrow morning.....i hope you can sleep tonight LOL...I probably wouldn't be able too! Anna, I don't know how you guys can wait. My cousin waited and I just don't know if I could do it. I can imagine it's hard when your DH wants to find out and you don't. Hope everyone else is doing well.


eb - November 16

Well, negative hpt at 6:30 am and the dreaded witch just showed up and boy do i feel it. Lots of pain, i feel like my insides are falling out and my heart hurts, but at least it shouldn't interfere with timing of dh being home. Talk to you guys later. :(


Staci - November 16

Sorry eb! What a bummer. Well I am going to take another OPK test and see what happens. I will keep you all posted. Whatever the reason, I think this cycle will probably be a bust. We will see I guess. I will post again this afternoon, because that is when I always take my OPK test. Hang in there girls!


Madison - November 16

JND, a big thanks for your encouraging words. I feel like giving up cuz I'm just so tired... I got mad at chickens yesterday (I work with kids) cuz they can lay eggs every day and we have to wait for this once a month bs. lol! Nothing new with me, 9dpo. I think it's so cool though that there are other people that are on the same exact schedule as me and have the same worries. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks everyone!


Danielle - November 16

hey girls, how's everyone doing? sorry to hear about af showing up jamie and eb. it really sounded like you were prego too, jamie. well i'm still waiting, i'm only 8 dpo and feeling some cramping on my left side. anna~that's cool that you're waiting to find out...i dont think i could do it though, i would try to sneak a peak and find out! well i got a really bad case of food poisoning on sunday night and was sick all day on monday too. i had to make an appointment with a gastroenteroligist for dec.6 b/c they said that i get it really often and something might be wrong. i'm kinda scared b/c my aunt had to have surgery because of problems she was having similar to mine. i just hope everything is ok. well i have to go now...*~*baby dust to all*~*


Anna - November 16

eb, so sorry about your bfn! :( I know you were so excited that this may be your month. What a bummer! Hang in there girl and don't give up! Sending lots of hugs and *baby dust* your way!


Jamie - November 17

eb - I am so sorry!! **hugs** All I can say is that it sucks!! For what it is worth at least we are still in this rollercoaster together... I am trying to stay positive but sometimes it is so hard. One of the teachers I work with came in this morning to talk to me and mind you she is 8 months pregnant. I couldn't help but be bummed when I saw her walk in with her big belly. This time of the month is really hard.


Leah - November 17

Hi all. My husband and i have been trying to conceive for a year now. I'm so worried because my sister has alerted me to STDs which may cause infertility. I was a virgin when i got married but had been with other men (although i didn't go all the way with them) - my husband told me he was a virgin too. I'm worried because you can get STDs from other things not just intercourse. I'm scared to say anything because i don't want him to think that i've got an STD (he wont understand and will think badly of me) - but i wont ask if it is from him either because if he was a virgin he'll know it's from me. This sounds really stupid and confusing but it's causing me lots of anxiety. PLEASE HELP!!!!


Leah - November 17

Chlamydia, genital warts and pelvic inflammatory disease cause infertility. I'm so scared!!! HELP!!



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